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Fix YouTube Recommendations Broken

YouTube, a frequently utilized video-sharing platform boasting a substantial user community, sometimes grapples with diverse technical hitches and anomalies that undermine overall user satisfaction. In recent times, a noteworthy portion of its users have articulated their dissatisfaction regarding the malfunctioning of YouTube’s recommendation system, which, regrettably, showcases incongruous content on its homepage. The silver lining is that resolving this predicament is entirely attainable, and within the confines of this article, we shall delve into the assorted issues linked to YouTube recommendations’ malfunction and proffer pragmatic remedies for their amelioration.

What Does YouTube Recommendations Broken Mean?

YouTube recommendations encompass a curated selection of videos prominently featured on your YouTube homepage upon launching the platform. Additionally, while watching a specific video, you’ll encounter a complementary array of video suggestions thoughtfully positioned on the right-hand side of the screen.

The YouTube Recommendations feature serves as a valuable tool for users, simplifying the discovery of videos aligned with their specific interests directly from the homepage. This recommendation algorithm considers a range of factors, including your search and viewing history, subscribed channels, and preferences for liked and disliked videos. Additionally, it incorporates contextual elements like your geographical location to fine-tune the recommendations provided.

In essence, this feature acts as a means to navigate the vast collection of billions of videos available on YouTube, empowering users to identify content that matches their individual preferences. With time and continued interaction with videos, YouTube leverages this data to curate a personalized feed replete with highly relevant content.

Nonetheless, there are instances when users encounter incongruous content and face challenges with the recommendation system. Such occurrences can prove vexing for many, as they prefer to avoid an inundation of videos that fail to pique their interest.

Why YouTube Recommendations Broken

YouTube’s suggested videos may not always display due to user settings. Key reasons include:

1. Watch History Off:

Disabling watch history in settings can impede YouTube recommendations. The algorithm relies on past views to provide relevant suggestions.

2. Not Signed In:

If you’re not logged into your YouTube account, your subscriptions and preferences aren’t synchronized, leading to inappropriate or absent recommendations.

YouTube Recommendations Broken (Account Not Signed In)

3. Technical Errors:

Occasionally, technical issues on YouTube’s end can disrupt recommendations. Users may need to await fixes, and network problems may also affect recommendation visibility.

In conclusion, ensure your watch history is active, sign in to your account, and exhibit patience during technical troubles. These measures can help restore your YouTube recommendations.

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YouTube Recommendations Broken – How To Fix It?

To address the issue of broken YouTube recommendations, consider these practical solutions:

1. Enable Watch History:

YouTube’s recommendation algorithm relies on your watch history. Ensure it’s enabled in your settings to restore personalized recommendations.

2. Activate Recommended Videos:

Within your settings, turn on the option for recommended videos. This feature provides notifications for videos aligned with your interests.

3. Indicate “Not Interested”:

Disapprove of a recommended video by clicking the three dots and selecting “Not interested.” This action eliminates the video and fine-tunes the algorithm’s future suggestions. You can also choose “Don’t recommend channel” to exclude content from specific sources.

4. Reset Search and Watch History:

A reset of your search and watch history renews your YouTube preferences. This aids the algorithm in understanding your tastes from scratch, resulting in fresh recommendations.

5. Utilize Private Browsing:

Open YouTube in a private browsing window (Ctrl + Shift + N in Chrome) to shield your recommendations from personal account influences. Private browsing doesn’t store data in your watch history.

6. Limit Account Sharing:

Sharing a YouTube account among multiple users can lead to a mix of recommendations that might not align with your interests. To avoid this, refrain from sharing your account. If necessary, sign out from other devices in your settings.

Don’t forget to continue watching videos that pique your interest. This activity helps the algorithm learn and fine-tune its suggestions as you explore more content.


To sum up, YouTube’s recommendation feature is a valuable asset, but it may encounter disruptions stemming from user preferences and technical glitches. Luckily, users have access to pragmatic solutions to address these issues, ultimately restoring a personalized and enjoyable video-watching experience. By adhering to these steps, individuals can reignite their passion for discovering captivating and pertinent content on the platform, elevating their overall satisfaction during their YouTube endeavors.

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