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What Does CC Mean on Instagram in 2023

Instagram is undoubtedly much more than just a photo/video-sharing app these days. It has become a hub for a range of activities, including branding, marketing, and the promotion of art.

Since the app became so popular, users have seen the new abbreviations and acronyms, such as “CC”. If you are a newbie on Instagram, it is important to know what “CC” stands for and how we can use it on Instagram.

What Is CC Mean on Instagram?

CC on Instagram mostly indicates multiple things depending on the situation and when you use it. On Instagram CC might have various possible meanings, let’s learn them one by one,

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CC As “Color Correction”

Mainly, CC is used to acknowledge Color Correction. When someone adds some sort of coloring effect to a video or picture, it stands for “Color Credit”. Moreover, it is a method to give credit, for their effort in editing the visual appearance of the video or image.

If you’re using someone else’s content on your Instagram account, adding a CC is a nice gesture that shows your acknowledgment to the original creator.

CC As “Comments and Concerns”

Users can also find CC in their comment section. Here CC stands for “Comments and Concerns” and you can use it to invite comments and feedback on a post.

If someone posts a picture and adds CC beneath, it means someone welcomes comments and feedback on the post. It is either used to give compliment someone on their post or to appreciate them for their work.

E.g., if you see a gorgeous photo, you can write a comment saying “CC: Looking Very Nice”

CC As “Creative Commons”

In addition to the two meanings discussed above, CC can also stand for “Creative Commons”. It is a license, which permits creators to share their work with whomever they want without thinking about the copyright issue.

If you’ve been using Instagram for a while, then you might have ever come across a post with a CC license. Simply means, it includes various types of content, including articles, videos, and pictures.

What Does CC Mean on Snapchat?

You should know, that Instagram is not the only platform, where CC has been used for a while. When it comes to Snapchat, it also uses CC in different contexts. For example, CC on Snapchat means Camera Control.

And, users can use this feature to switch between the front and rear cameras during recording a video.

What Does CC Mean on Email?

If we talk about email, it is commonly used in email as compared to Instagram. CC is a function or way to send a copy of your email to someone else.

If you are talking to someone through email, and they request that you CCed the administrator, it means, they are asking you to send a copy of an email to the admin.

Here, CC stands for Carbon Copy, and it means sending a copy of an email to someone else. While sending emails, you can add the email id of the person in the CC field, whom you want to receive your mail.


Understanding the meaning of CC on Instagram can help you use the app more effectively. CC on Instagram is completely context-dependent, and it is essential to know the situation, in which it is used accurately.

Whether it is used to give credit for their color correction or as comments and concerns, you should be aware of the abbreviation (CC) properly, because its meaning changes depending from context to context.

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