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VanossGaming (Evan Fong) Net Worth 2023 & Bio

VanossGaming Net Worth, Income, Salary

VanossGaming, also known as Evan Fong has an estimated net worth of around $25 Million in 2023. VanossGaming aka Evan Fong is a well-known Canada-based YouTuber and internet personality known for his gaming content. Evan also received a lot of praise for his musical abilities, especially for playing a Digital audio workstation and Guitar in his videos.

In 2017, he amassed earnings of $15.5 million from his channel, securing the second-highest income among YouTubers, trailing only DanTDM. By 2022, VanossGaming estimated wealth stood at $25 million. Forbes recognized him as a prominent figure in the gaming industry, and he held considerable influence among American teenagers, surpassing conventional celebrities in impact.

As of 2023, VannossGaming (Evan Fong) estimated monthly income or salary is over $250K. VanossGaming rose to fame through his gaming commentary videos, where he shares his funny and entertaining experiences while playing popular video games. His unique editing style and comedic timing have attracted a massive following, with millions of subscribers on YouTube.

In addition to his YouTube channel, VanossGaming has also ventured into brand collaborations, merchandise sales, and sponsored content, which have contributed significantly to his net worth. He has worked with major brands such as Ubisoft and Amazon, further expanding his reach and income streams.

Furthermore, VanossGaming has diversified its content by creating animated shorts based on his gaming experiences. These animations have gained tremendous popularity and have helped him expand his audience even more.

VanossGaming’s success can be attributed to his consistent hard work, creativity, and ability to connect with his audience. He has built a loyal fanbase that eagerly supports his content and purchases his merchandise. As of 2023, VanossGaming’s (Evan Fong) annual income or salary is estimated to be around $3+ million

Overall, VanossGaming’s net worth reflects his entrepreneurial spirit and the immense opportunities available in the digital space. His success serves as an inspiration for aspiring content creators and highlights the potential for financial success in the world of online entertainment.

VanossGaming (Evan Fong) Net Worth 2023

Net Worth 2021$22 Million
Net Worth 2022$25 Million
Net Worth 2023$25 Million
Salary Per Month$250K +
Income Per Year$3 Million +
ProfessionYouTuber, Gamer, Commentator, Disc Jockey, Musician, TV Producer

Eavan Fong Personal Life

Nick NameVanossGaming, Vanoss
Real NameEvan Fong
Birth Date (DOB)31 May 1992
Birth PlaceToronto, Ontario, Canada
Age31 Years Old
Height & Weight5’11’’ & 174 lbs
Educational QualificationsUniversity of Pennsylvania (Dropped Out)
MotherName Not Known (Korean)
FatherName Not Known (Chinese)
Zodiac SignGemini
Marital StatusUnmarried
Hobbies & InterestPlaying Video Game, Hockey, Guitar
Net Worth$25 Million
Last Updated2023

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VanossGaming (Evan Fong) Biography

Evan Fong Early Life

Evan Fong, born in Toronto, Canada on May 31, 1992, comes from Korean and Chinese heritage. His early years focused on ice hockey and academics rather than video games.

Commencing ice hockey at six, Evan Fong pursued it competitively before launching his YouTube channel. He participated in the Ontario Junior Hockey League with four teams, amassing 24 goals and 49 assists in 127 games. Notably, he competed against future NHL players Tyler Seguin and Jeff Skinner during his youth hockey days. Occasionally, Fong shares reflections on his hockey career online.

Nonetheless, he occasionally dabbled in games like Freddi Fish and Pajama Sam during his youth. Duke Nukem 3D marked his introduction to more intense gaming, where he playfully employed cheat codes. Following his graduation from Richmond Hill High School and his pursuit of an economics degree at the University of Pennsylvania, Fong made the pivotal decision to drop out in his second year to fully commit to his YouTube channel, despite initial concerns from his parents about his academic priorities.

VanossGaming YouTube Channel

Evan Fong, using the nickname VanossGaming, launched his YouTube channel on September 15, 2011, drawing inspiration from his father’s PlayStation 3 username, “vanoss62.” His channel swiftly gained momentum, surpassing 10 million subscribers by 2014.

As of January 2015, with nearly 11 million subscribers and a top 25 YouTube ranking, he garnered attention from mainstream media, establishing himself as a prominent figure in the emerging video game commentary subculture. Fong attributed his success to delivering genuine content that resonated with viewers who appreciated watching ordinary individuals engage in gaming.

On April 30, 2015, Evan Fong, known as VanossGaming, announced his partnership with Jetpak (stylized as JETPAK) via Twitter, following his collaboration with Machinima. Jetpak, a multi-channel network co-founded by YouTubers Adam Montoya and Tom Cassell, became his new affiliation.

In November 2015, he revealed a fresh logo for VanossGaming, featuring an owl-themed design inspired by his Grand Theft Auto Online avatar, also playable in Watch Dogs: Legion. Fong garnered award nominations, including two Shorty Awards in the Tech and Innovation category for Gaming. He’s widely acknowledged as a central figure in the video game commentary subculture, credited for his authenticity and immense popularity.

Evan Fong Music career

Evan Fong, in collaboration with Brittany Crawford and Azad Naficy, co-established Avant Garden Records, a record label and management firm located in Los Angeles. Under the pseudonym Rynx, he became an artist at Avant Garden, specializing in downtempo, electronic dance music (EDM), and Indie electronic genres.

Fong’s musical journey commenced on August 25, 2017, with the release of a dubstep and trap remix of “U-Rite” by the hip-hop group THEY. This remix highlighted his knack for crafting rich melodic build-ups. Subsequently, on December 12, he dropped his debut single “Want You,” featuring Miranda Glory.

In 2018, Rynx unveiled remixes of tracks by artists like Alison Wonderland (“Cry”) and Gallant (“Doesn’t Matter”). July saw the release of his second single, “I’m Alright,” featuring vocalist Jimi Ono, accompanied by a music video set in a nightclub-school theme.

The following year, he created five additional singles, such as “Hold On” with Drew Love of They, “Read My Mind” featuring Mainland (including an acoustic version), “Club Poor” featuring Tiny Meat Gang, and “All for You” featuring Kiesza. Rynx’s unique approach blended human elements like upright bass and electric guitars with electronic synths, earning recognition for his fusion of hip-hop and electronic styles. His debut studio album, “In Pieces,” dropped on October 25, 2019, followed by a remix version in July 2020. Additionally, he announced a 2019 tour that was postponed due to health concerns.

Evan Fong Other Projects

In 2013, Evan Fong co-established 3Blackdot (3BD), an entertainment studio and marketing firm, with fellow YouTubers Tom “Syndicate” Cassell and Adam “SeaNanners” Montoya. The studio develops video games like Zombie Killer Squad and facilitates partnerships between advertisers and YouTubers.

They have also ventured into various media projects, co-financing the film “Queen & Slim” and contributing to the New York Times bestseller “The Proudest Blue.” In 2017, 3Blackdot was acquired by Webedia for a substantial sum in Euros.

In 2022, it transitioned to being owned by the company’s CEO, Reginald Cash, becoming one of the few black-owned media companies in the United States. As of 2021, Evan Fong continued to play an active role in brand partnerships, merchandise, and social media within the company.

Evan Fong, Tom Cassell, and Adam Montoya collaborated on the horror multiplayer PC game called “Dead Realm.” The game, developed by Section Studios and published by 3Blackdot, had an early access release on Steam in July 2015, followed by a full launch in May 2017. Although it garnered mixed reviews from over 4,000 users on Steam, the trio promoted the game on their YouTube channels without transparently disclosing their financial involvement, which violated FTC guidelines. In 2020, 3Blackdot discontinued the game by ceasing all support and shutting down its servers.

From 2016 to 2017, Evan Fong collaborated with Spanish game developer Social Point and his marketing agency, 3Blackdot, to create “The Magic Tomato,” an animated series aimed at promoting the mobile game “Monster Legends” while enhancing user engagement and downloads. The series featured Fong and co-creators like H2ODelirious and Terroriser and targeted an audience of over 40 million. It was deemed a success and entered the Shorty Awards.

In 2016, Fong also lent his voice to the animated series “Paranormal Action Squad,” which aired on YouTube Red, with Fong portraying the character Vanoss. While praised for its voice acting, the show faced some criticism for its storyline.

Evan Fong, alongside co-creators Brian “Terroriser” Hanby, Marcel “BasicallyIDoWrk” Cunningham, and Tyler “I AM WILDCAT” Wine, brought forth the computer-animated series “Alpha Betas.” This show, conceived by Chris Bruno and David Howard Lee, made its debut on the VanossGaming YouTube channel in March 2021. It revolves around Alpha Team, a squad of CIA-backed gamers whose voices are lent by Fong, Wine, Hanby, and Cunningham. They preserve order in the world by navigating the realm of gaming.

The series boasts notable voices, including John DiMaggio, Chris Parnell, and Stephanie Beatriz. A triumphant Kickstarter campaign by 3Blackdot garnered over $1.3 million from 8000 sponsors. Reviews for the show have been diverse, ranging from critical to highly favorable.

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