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Vabbing At The Gym For The First Time

TikTok never disappoints users with its trends, and Vabbing At The Gym For The First Time is one of them. TikTok is one of the popular social media applications that allows users to create, watch, and share 15-second videos shot on mobile devices or webcams.

If you have no clue, what exactly Vabbing At The Gym For The First Time is. And, what are the reasons that this trend spreads at a much more pace like wildfire on TikTok? Then, you should keep reading this article.

Recently, like many other trends, the Vabbing at the gym video went viral on TikTok worldwide and become a trend across other social media platforms. 

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Vabbing At The Gym For The First Time Means

You might be scratching your head, about what the term Vabbing means. Vabbing is the merge of the two words “vagina” and “dabbing”.

The term Vabbing is a process of dabbing your vaginal fluid onto your body like perfume to attract a sexual partner. However, it is not a new trend and has been available for a while on social platforms like TikTok.

Vabbing is nothing but a process of using one’s vaginal fluid as a fragrance. They dabbed on several erotic areas including, the wrist, elbow, and behind-the-ear parts. Some of them said it grows your sexual appeal. 

Mandy Lee is a TikToker, who made Vabbing famous. Now, it has evolved like anything, and doing this trend in public areas like Gym. Yes, you read it right, people are now using this trend in the gym too. 

Vabbing At The Gym Trend For The First Time 

Vabbing at the gym means that before doing an exercise, TikTok users are rubbing their fluid onto their neck, wrist, and behind the ear with the purpose of attracting someone.

Undoubtedly, the gym is the best place where people meet in large numbers. Moreover, the Gym is not a clean place to meet someone, because everyone’s body constantly loses sweat, and people fail to clean the equipment after its use.

According to one TikTok user, her friend said,

“she did right before going to the gym and then the guy hit on her while she was working out, Vabbing really works me!”.

As per one TikTok video, a lady commented, 

“She did Vabbing at the gym for the first time, and you won’t believe her, it worked, vabbing really worked”.

One Twitter user twitted, 

“Yesterday, he saw a TikTok of someone, and this girl was Vabbing at the gym, you people are literally…

Someone twitted, 

“While I was scrolling on TikTok, I saw a video of someone Vabbing at the gym. You’re literally touching and sharing gym equipment with other people which is sickening. Bro wtf? And if you really want to nasty things like this, he bet that they don’t even clean any of that equipment when they are done”. 

Another user was like, 

“He googled “Vabbing mean” because he is a boomer and didn’t know what it means, and he wished he hadn’t. He also said, Ignorance is sometimes is bliss. 

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