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Fix Ticket Of Treats Not Working In Pokemon Go

The Ticket of Treats is a distinctive item within the realm of Pokemon Go, obtainable through in-app transactions or by accomplishing specific in-game tasks. This unique item is typically made accessible during the month of October, typically aligned with an investigation event. However, certain players have encountered difficulties regarding the activation time for the Ticket of Treats and the perks it offers.

In instances where the Ticket of Treats appears to malfunction, consider the following potential factors. Firstly, it is imperative to ascertain whether the event is currently ongoing, as this item is customarily linked to a designated event period, typically occurring in October. Secondly, it is of paramount importance to ensure that you have successfully fulfilled any prerequisite tasks or objectives associated with the ticket.

What Does “Ticket Of Treats In Pokemon Go” Mean?

In Pokemon Go, there’s an upcoming paid-timed research called the Ticket of Treats, slated to be active exclusively during October 2023. This research is centered around Halloween, offering players a range of perks and bonuses throughout the entire month.

To acquire the Ticket of Treats, it’s available for purchase directly from the in-game store. It’s important to take note of its expiry date, as this special item can only be obtained until October 29, 2023. However, procuring the ticket ahead of time provides added advantages, including supplementary bonuses and rewards integrated into the ticket package.

Once you’ve obtained the Ticket of Treats, you’ll gain access to a set of rewards during the specified timed research period. These rewards encompass:

  • 1. A 1.5× boost in XP for your first daily catch.
  • 2. A 1.5× increase in Stardust for your initial daily catch.

Furthermore, as part of this timed research, fresh challenges and encounters will unlock each Thursday, granting players the opportunity to acquire premium items and partake in event-themed encounters to prepare for in-game events. This special research offers Pokemon Go enthusiasts an exciting means to celebrate Halloween while relishing a variety of in-game advantages throughout October.

You Can Divide “The Ticket of Treats Event” Into Four Parts:

1. Part One (October 5, 2023):

To earn three premium battle passes and additional item bundles containing Stardust and Hyper Potions, complete tasks like catching 30 Pokemon, taking snapshots of wild Pokemon, and using five berries for catching.

2. Part Two (October 12, 2023):

Part Two rewards players with a Mossy Lure and an encounter featuring a large and super-sized Pumpkaboo upon task completion.

3. Part Three (October 12, 2023):

In Part Three, completing tasks earns you two Incubators and an encounter with Phantump.

4. Part Four (October 26, 2023):

For finishing Part Four tasks, you’ll receive 3× Silver Pinap Berries, 2× Super Incubators, and 2× rare Candies.

These event segments present a variety of tasks and rewards, offering players diverse activities and opportunities to encounter Halloween-themed Pokemon throughout October 2023.

What Are The Issues In Ticket Of Treats Event?

The Ticket of Treats event in Pokemon Go is undoubtedly an exciting Halloween-themed celebration. Nevertheless, there are a few challenges that players might encounter:

1. Purchase Difficulty:

Some players have encountered challenges when attempting to buy the Ticket of Treats. The event’s segments become accessible on specific dates, and it’s essential to purchase the ticket in advance. Moreover, since it’s a premium item, ensure your in-game balance is sufficient.

2. Automatic Activation:

The Ticket of Treats is designed to activate automatically when the event begins. Manual activation should not be necessary.

3. Redemption Delays:

Certain players might experience delays when trying to claim bonuses and rewards. Typically, this delay occurs if players haven’t completed the tasks associated with a specific part of the event.

While these issues can occasionally affect the Ticket of Treats event experience in Pokemon Go, having a clear understanding of these aspects can assist players in navigating and enjoying the event more seamlessly.

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The Ticket Of Treat Issue In Pokemon Go! How To Fix It?

To address Ticket of Treats issues in Pokemon Go, follow these steps:

1. Wait for the Event to Commence:

If purchasing the Ticket of Treats proves challenging, exercise patience and await the official start of the event. Ensure that the relevant segment of the event has indeed begun.

2. Wallet Configuration and Ticket Activation:

Initiate the process by linking your wallet to the in-game store. Ensure that your wallet contains sufficient funds. Notably, Ticket of Treats activation is automated, activating automatically upon the event’s initiation.

3. Task Fulfillment:

Task completion holds paramount importance in this game. If your bonuses and rewards have not been received, it may necessitate the completion of specified tasks. Additionally, consider relaunching the application or verifying your internet connection to rule out connectivity issues.

4. Validate Event Date:

Confirm that the present date falls within the specified timeframe of the Ticket of Treats event. If it is not the month of October or if the event has concluded, you may need to await its reoccurrence in a future event.

5. Restart the Game:

If you are confident that you have met the event requirements and the Ticket of Treats remains unresponsive, attempt to resolve the issue by restarting the Pokemon Go application. At times, a simple app restart can rectify connectivity or synchronization issues.

By adhering to these steps, you should be equipped to tackle and potentially resolve Ticket of Treats issues in Pokemon Go, enabling you to fully immerse yourself in the event’s enjoyment.


In summary, the Ticket of Treats event in Pokemon Go brings an exciting Halloween-themed experience with various rewards and challenges. While a few players may encounter issues, the provided steps can effectively address and resolve these problems. Patience is crucial, especially when awaiting the event’s start. Make sure your wallet is linked and adequately funded since the Ticket of Treats activates automatically. Completing tasks is essential for earning rewards, and resolving any lingering issues can be achieved through restarting the game or checking your internet connection. By following these steps, players can fully enjoy the Halloween event in Pokemon Go.

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