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Fix The Starfield Concealment Challenge Not Working or Counting Damage!

Numerous players of Starfield have come across a persistent issue related to the Concealment challenge. This problem primarily arises during attempts to complete the challenge by executing stealthy unarmed strikes. Unfortunately, it appears that these specific strikes are not being properly recorded on the progress counter for the challenge.

The issue becomes noticeable once the player reaches rank 1 within the challenge. At this point, the progress counter effectively keeps track of the player’s actions, noting something like 57 out of 75 successful strikes. However, after this point, the counter appears to freeze, even when the player successfully executes unarmed strikes and receives both visual and auditory feedback indicating damage dealt. It’s as if the challenge is failing to acknowledge and register these actions.

Fix The Starfield Concealment Challenge Not Working or Counting Damage

Importantly, this problem is not restricted to a specific weapon type; it appears to persist across various weapons and even when players use unarmed attacks. Clearly, this issue is an exasperating bug within Starfield that necessitates the prompt attention of the game developers to issue a patch and rectify the problem.

Ways to Fix The Starfield Concealment Challenge Not Working or Counting Damage

To resolve the issue of the Concealment challenge in Starfield failing to register damage, some users in online forums have suggested a potential solution involving a standard game restart. It is advisable to save your game before performing the restart to prevent any loss of progress.

Another technique to ensure that damage is properly counted within the Concealment challenge involves executing unarmed sneak melee attacks with fists. Notably, this approach seems to work effectively against a diverse array of adversaries, including Xenogrubs and the various creatures encountered on planets.

One user on Reddit provided an additional insight: it appears that the successful registration of damage relies on maintaining a hidden status while conducting attacks. This means that any melee attack or shot made while in a hidden state should not trigger detection. Following an attack, it is necessary to wait until you regain your hidden status for the damage to be counted. It’s important to note that attacks made while undetected will apply damage enhancements, but they won’t contribute to the challenge unless they meet these specific criteria.

It is evident that the developers of Starfield should consider addressing this issue promptly and issue a patch to rectify it.


In summary, the enduring problem associated with the Concealment challenge in Starfield, where damage tracking is malfunctioning, has caused significant player frustration. While a few have discovered potential fixes, like restarting the game and using unarmed sneak melee attacks, the imperative for a thorough resolution from the game’s developers is unmistakable. Gamers are eagerly anticipating a swift patch to address this issue, promising a more seamless and enjoyable gaming experience within the Starfield universe.

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