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Fix Standby Mode Turns OFF After A Few Seconds On iPhone 15

iOS 17, the latest operating system from Apple, brings a fresh feature known as StandBy. This functionality enables users to transform their iPhone into a versatile tool: a bedside clock, a digital photo frame, or a widget display. Nevertheless, a growing number of iPhone users, including those with iPhone 15/14 Pro Max, are encountering a persistent issue with the Standby Mode not remaining active.

This problem appears to be attributed to a system bug. The Standby screen automatically switches off after approximately 30 seconds, prompting users to interact with the device to reactivate it. As indicated by a Reddit user, the Standby feature exhibits inconsistency. While it occasionally functions as expected, it often fails to remain active and instead switches off after a brief interval.

Efforts to resolve this issue, such as performing a force restart, factory reset, or reviewing settings, have proven ineffective. Furthermore, this issue is intermittent and persists even with the most recent iOS 17.0.3 update.

Users experiencing frustration have sought assistance from Apple’s customer support services. It’s significant to mention that Apple’s support team has acknowledged this matter as a recognized issue and is actively working on its resolution.

How to Fix Standby Mode Not Staying ON In iPhone 15 Issue?

To address the concern of Standby Mode Turns OFF after a few seconds iPhone 15, there are a couple of potential solutions worth considering:

1. Adjust iPhone Position:

Some users have achieved success in ensuring the continuous operation of Standby Mode by making slight positional adjustments to their iPhone, particularly when it’s on a stand like a MagSafe stand. When combined with a USB-C charger, this approach seems to sustain Standby Mode throughout the entire night. It’s plausible that this workaround is related to a software issue within the feature itself.

2. Deactivate Night Mode:

   Information gleaned from Apple forums hints that the problem might be associated with the Night Mode feature integrated into StandBy. Night Mode is designed to dim the screen to prevent user disruption during nighttime hours. Nonetheless, it might inadvertently trigger Standby Mode to deactivate shortly after activation. Users have the option to disable Night Mode through the iPhone’s settings, allowing them to keep Standby Mode continuously active throughout the night.

These methods may prove effective in resolving the issue of Standby Mode Turns OFF after a few Seconds iPhone 15.


To sum it up, the Standby Mode problem affecting iPhone 15 due to iOS 17 is a recognized issue currently under active investigation by Apple. Users seeking assistance have turned to Apple’s support services for help. In the interim, potential solutions involve making slight adjustments to the iPhone’s placement and disabling Night Mode to maintain Standby Mode’s functionality. These methods allow users to fully utilize this feature while Apple works towards a permanent fix.

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