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Spotify Playlist Shuffle Not Working With Bluetooth

Numerous Spotify users have recently encountered an ongoing challenge with the Shuffle feature when their devices are connected to Bluetooth. This issue spans various platforms, impacting users of both iPhones and Android devices. Notably, it appears to be more prevalent among iPhone users who utilize CarPlay for Bluetooth playback.

Users have openly expressed concerns about the malfunction, noting that the Shuffle feature unexpectedly ceases to operate as anticipated. In the context of CarPlay usage, the Shuffle option halts its functionality arbitrarily, marking a noticeable departure from its previously consistent performance. This proves especially frustrating, as Spotify, which traditionally randomizes songs within a playlist, begins playing subsequent tracks in a sequential order.

Curiously, even manual efforts to skip to the next song by utilizing the “next” button yield unexpected results. The Shuffle functionality becomes deactivated, causing Spotify to play the subsequent songs in a predetermined, non-shuffled sequence.

For individuals contending with this issue, the dissatisfaction is evident. To aid users experiencing Spotify Shuffle malfunctions while connected to a Bluetooth device, we have compiled a list of potential solutions below.

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Fix Spotify Playlist Shuffle Not Working With Bluetooth iPhone/CarPlay/Android Phone!

To tackle the issue of Spotify Shuffle malfunctioning when connected to Bluetooth on iPhone, CarPlay, or Android devices, there are a couple of potential solutions.

One common cause of Spotify’s shuffle not working is when the car’s system takes precedence over the phone’s shuffle settings. To address this, you can activate shuffle through your car’s controls. For example, in the Mazda6, utilize the voice command feature (as there might not be a direct setting on the media screen) by saying “shuffle” and then “all.” This action instructs your car to shuffle the playlist, and subsequently, you can manage shuffle toggling through your phone.

Another workaround involves manually dealing with the Spotify shuffle issue. Navigate to the Spotify app, deselect the shuffle option, and then reselect it. It’s important to note that this manual intervention may be necessary each time you connect Spotify to Bluetooth. Despite its unconventional nature, this approach has proven effective in resolving the problem.

Should the issue persist and you continually experience Spotify’s failure to shuffle songs, it may be connected to a software bug or glitch within the app or on your phone. To resolve this, contemplate uninstalling the Spotify application, restarting your phone, and subsequently reinstalling the app from either the App Store or Play Store. This method frequently proves effective in rectifying software-related problems that lead to shuffle malfunctions.

Wrap Up!

To summarize, resolving Spotify playlist shuffle problems during Bluetooth connection requires a blend of user-driven remedies and potential software modifications. Individuals encountering this issue, especially on iPhone, CarPlay, or Android devices, can utilize methods such as activating shuffle through car controls or manually adjusting the shuffle setting within the Spotify app. If the problem persists, a software reset involving the uninstallation and reinstallation of the Spotify app may offer a solution. These measures aim to ensure users enjoy an uninterrupted, shuffled playlist experience despite challenges with Bluetooth connectivity.

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