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Send Photos on WhatsApp in HD Quality: Step-By-Step

WhatsApp continues to set the bar high in the rapidly changing world of instant messaging apps, with advanced features that enhance user experience. And, this time, Meta has addressed a basic issue to solve a common frustration – the loss of image quality when sharing photos.

Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, rolled out a new feature that allows users to send and receive HD-quality images straight through the app. The way we share our visual memories or photographs will be completely changed by this new feature.

In this article, let’s deep dive into the details of this exciting feature and understand how to send HD-quality photos on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp New Feature to Send Photos in HD Quality

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature that lets users send photos in HD quality, reducing the need to rely on third-party services like Google Drive or WeTransfer. Users who want to share their high-resolution images, like travel or party images, without sacrificing visual clarity would especially benefit from this new exciting feature.

Although this feature has been planned for a while, it has now been officially launched. Regardless of the image quality, WhatsApp earlier reduced images heavily during upload to speed up sharing. This won’t be the case any longer. 

Please keep in mind, that images will still be sent by default in standard quality. Users must enable the ‘HD option’, which is present next to the editing tools when sending an image, to send images in HD resolution. Additionally, users will have the option to update an image to HD quality if its quality is impacted by factors like unstable or poor internet connection.

Over the coming weeks, users of Android and iOS devices will gradually be able to exchange HD photos. In addition, although it is available for photographs, this feature will ultimately include videos too.

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Steps to Send Photos on WhatsApp in HD Quality 

Following are the steps to send high-definition images on WhatsApp:

Step 1: Update the App

Before anything else, make sure WhatsApp is downloaded on your device in the most recent version. If not, you can update the app from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store respectively.

Step 2: Choose the Chat

Launch WhatsApp on your device and go to the chat where you want to share high-definition images.

Step 3: Access Attachment Option

Within the chatbox, tap on the attachment option, and you’ll see two options, “Standard” and “HD Photos.”

Step 4: Select HD Quality

If you want to send high-definition images, then choose “HD Photos” from the two given options, which will show the resolution as “2000×3000.”

Step 5: Send the HD Photo

Tap on the “Send” button and the photo will be sent to your chosen contact in crystal-clear HD quality.

Voilà! You have successfully sent the photographs in high-definition quality.

WhatsApp highlights that even if you receive an image with low quality caused by a bad network connection, you may choose whether to keep the normal version or upgrade it to HD quality on a photo-by-photo basis.

Along with this exciting HD photo-sharing feature, WhatsApp is also introducing further enhancements, including translucent top and bottom navigation bars, an updated sticker tray, share sheets for iOS users, and improved message editing tools for media and captions.


Let’s wrap up this article, those who cherish high-quality images will find WhatsApp’s new HD photo-sending feature quite useful. Anyone can now share their priceless memories in HD clarity without having to make use of third-party applications by following our above-mentioned guidelines. WhatsApp continues to enable its users to communicate and share content in the best quality as this feature involves videos as well.

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