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Solving: “Pixel 6 Can’t Access Storage From Primary Account Or Multiple Profile” Issue

Following the release of Android 14, numerous Pixel users have encountered vexing storage-related challenges that are detrimentally affecting the functionality of their Pixel 6 devices. These issues have materialized in the form of complications when attempting to install or update applications on the Pixel 6.

The predicament predominantly affects users who have configured multiple profiles on their Pixel 6. While secondary accounts on the device are able to seamlessly access storage, the primary account confronts constraints in terms of storage accessibility on the Pixel.

These storage dilemmas commenced concurrently with the Android 14 upgrade on the Pixel 6. Consequently, users are grappling with an array of issues, including the camera application’s inability to capture photos due to limited available storage space.

One alarmed user conveyed their grievances by sharing their experience on a Google forum. They stated, “Android 14 has transformed my Pixel 6 into a device that renders photos as gray boxes. This has rendered the device nearly nonfunctional, and the inability to install updates for any applications raises substantial security concerns.” (Source: Google Forum)

Storage Access Problems on Pixel 6 with Android 14 Upgrade – Why?

The situation has escalated to a critical point for some users, rendering them incapable of accessing any photos stored on their phones. When they attempt to open the gallery, all they encounter are frustrating gray boxes. Adding to their exasperation, the Android 14 update has inflicted a substantial blow to the internal storage, reducing it drastically from a generous 128GB to a mere 4GB for Pixel phones.

What adds to the perplexity is that this storage dilemma on the Pixel 6 seems to be limited to the primary user account. In scenarios where there are two user accounts on the phone, like private and work profiles, the primary user account is mired in storage woes, while the secondary account functions without a hitch.

The chief reason behind the unavailability of storage on Pixel 6 can be attributed to the failure of “/storage/emulated/0” to mount correctly during the boot-up process.

If you’re one of those facing the ordeal of being unable to access your Pixel 6 phone’s storage after the Android 14 update, take solace in the fact that you’re not alone. Numerous other users are grappling with this vexing issue. Reporting the problem to Google is crucial in increasing the chances of a resolution in forthcoming releases. You can submit your concern through this link: Google Issue Tracker.


In summary, the storage access difficulties that Pixel 6 users have encountered following the Android 14 update have been a source of considerable frustration. The reduction in internal storage, the gallery displaying grayed-out images, and the exclusive impact on primary user accounts have all contributed to this challenge. At the heart of the issue is the failure to properly mount “/storage/emulated/0” during the device’s startup process. However, it is reassuring to note that users facing these issues are not alone, and by reporting the problem through the Google Issue Tracker, there is optimism for a timely resolution in upcoming updates.

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