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Fix Peacock App Slow and Not Loading “Something Went Wrong” On Apple TV

The Peacock streaming application is encountering difficulties on Apple devices, including Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad. Users face problems like sluggish loading times and frequent “Something went wrong” errors. Despite receiving subscription confirmations through Apple, Peacock content fails to play on Apple TV, indicating a synchronization issue.

Following a recent update, the Peacock app has experienced a notable decline in performance, often freezing during show loading attempts. Clicking on a movie or video sometimes results in prolonged loading times or outright failures accompanied by error messages.

Even though previews and trailers function correctly, attempting to play a movie or TV show frequently results in a buffering loop. Moreover, pausing a video can lead to a dark or dormant screen, making it difficult to resume playback.

Attempts to rectify these issues, such as restarting Apple TV, iPhone, or reinstalling the application, have yielded no positive results. These challenges have left Apple users dissatisfied with their Peacock streaming experience.

Peacock App Not working “Something went wrong” Error: Apple TV/ iPhone/iPad! How to Fix?

To address the “Something went wrong” error in the Peacock app on Apple TV, iPhone, or iPad, follow these steps:

1. Force Logout and Reinstall:

Start by logging out of your Peacock account forcefully and then reinstalling the app. This often resolves Peacock streaming issues. If you’re using a VPN, disable it and try loading Peacock shows again.

2. Test on Another Device:

If the Peacock app still isn’t functioning on your Apple TV, experiment with a different device like an iPhone or Android phone to verify if your Peacock account works properly. If it does on another device, the problem may be specific to your Apple TV and its interaction with the Peacock app.

3. Reset Apple TV:

There may be compatibility issues between Apple TV and the Peacock app due to software glitches. To rectify this, perform a factory reset on your Apple TV. Navigate to Apple TV Settings > System > Reset and choose an appropriate reset option. After the reset, attempt to open the Peacock app again; it should load show as expected.

4. Remove Ad Blockers:

If Peacock shows are stuck in loading, inspect your device or network for any installed ad blockers. Ad blockers, whether within a browser, as a network-wide blocker (e.g., Pi-hole, AdGuard Home), or using an ad-blocking DNS service, can disrupt Peacock’s streaming service. Ensure there are no active ad blockers.

5. Contact Support:

If you are still facing the “Something Went Wrong” error code, don’t hesitate to reach out to Peacock support at [email protected] for further guidance and assistance.

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In summary, addressing the “Something went wrong” error on the Peacock app for Apple TV, iPhone, or iPad may require a series of troubleshooting steps. Users should initially try logging out, reinstalling the app, and disabling VPNs. Testing the app on different devices can help pinpoint specific issues. If challenges persist, consider resetting your Apple TV and checking for any active ad blockers.
In the event that these measures prove ineffective, do not hesitate to reach out to Peacock support at [email protected] for further guidance. These steps are designed to improve the Peacock streaming experience and resolve the frustrating technical difficulties faced by Apple users.

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