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New iPhone 14 Data Transfer Issues: What to Do When “Install Now” Hangs

With each fresh iPhone release, Apple provides users with an effortless method to shift from their previous devices to the latest model by facilitating data transfer through proximity-based data transfer. This procedure typically entails keeping the new iPhone close to the older one, allowing for the efficient migration of data within a brief time frame.

Nonetheless, an increasing number of iPhone users have recently encountered a vexing predicament while endeavoring to transfer their data to their new devices. When initializing the data transfer process, some users are prompted to carry out a software update installation, which often proves to be a formidable challenge. Although the update downloads without any issues, it invariably becomes stuck at the “Install Now” phase, resulting in numerous hours of exasperation.

It’s worth underscoring that this particular quandary does not seem to stem from issues related to internet connectivity, as users can successfully download the update. The stumbling block resides in the installation procedure, which persistently remains in a state of suspension at the “Install Now” stage.

One user on Reddit has recounted their experience, articulating, “While setting up my new iPhone 14 Pro, I consented to the 17.0.3 update, and it has continued to spin endlessly at the ‘Install Now’ juncture for more than an hour.”

This conundrum bestows a considerable inconvenience upon iPhone users endeavoring to orchestrate a seamless transition to their new devices, rendering the quest for a resolution to this quandary a matter of paramount importance for many.

Fix New iPhone 14 Stuck On “Install Now” While Data Transfer!

This particular problem primarily impacts users who are transitioning to the new iPhone 14 and 14 Pro Max, aiming to transfer data from their previous iPhone models. The core issue causing the “Install Now” software update to become stuck is the disparity between the iOS versions of the older iPhone and the default iOS on the new iPhone 14.

The iPhone 14 arrives with iOS 16 pre-installed, so if your previous iPhone is operating on iOS 17, the data transfer process encounters a roadblock. In this scenario, the solution involves a manual update of your new iPhone to iOS 17.

To address this situation, you should initiate the resolution by interrupting the setup process, achieved by holding down the power button. This action triggers a message that asks whether you wish to erase the iPhone, to which you should respond with a confirmation by tapping “Yes.” 

Subsequently, recommence the setup procedure from the beginning, opting for a manual setup that excludes the transfer of data (essentially, a fresh installation). Once your iPhone is prepared, navigate to Settings > General > Software Update, and systematically proceed with the update process, starting with iOS 16.7.1 and advancing to iOS 17.1, and so forth.

Adhering to these steps should allow your iPhone to undergo updates without any further complications. You can then proceed to transfer and install the data from your previous iPhone. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that in certain instances, it may be necessary to erase the iPhone and initiate the proximity data transfer setup anew.

If, despite these efforts, the issue remains unresolved, we suggest considering the adoption of EaseUS software as an alternative means to facilitate data transfer to your new iPhone. EaseUS offers a free version for both PC and MacBook platforms that you can explore for a potential solution.

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, the issue of the “Install Now” hang during data transfer on the new iPhone 14 has presented a significant challenge to users transitioning from older devices. The primary concern centers around the disparity in iOS versions between the new iPhone 14 and the older device. While potential remedies involve manual updates and fresh installations, the ultimate objective remains a smooth transition to the new device. For individuals still encountering difficulties, the incorporation of EaseUS software serves as an alternative avenue for resolving this persistent issue, offering an effective solution to facilitate a seamless data transfer experience.

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