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Know About New Brawler In Brawl Stars: Chuck, Tick, Nani And Frank

Brawl Stars, a popular mobile gaming sensation, introduces a diverse cast of characters referred to as brawlers, each uniquely characterized by their distinct abilities and gameplay styles.

The recent updates of Brawl Stars include Mico, Tick, Chuck, Frank, and Nani. Players can access these thrilling additions by unlocking them through the acquisition of Brawl Boxes, obtainable either by active gameplay or by utilizing in-game Gems.

To provide a closer look, each of these brawlers contributes a distinctive set of abilities. Whether it’s Mico’s strategic acumen, Tick’s explosive prowess, Chuck’s versatile skills, Frank’s imposing strength, or Nani’s cutting-edge features, players can expect an exciting and immersive experience with these new inclusions.

To optimize your gaming experience and fully explore the capabilities of these fresh brawlers, it is advised to unlock them and strategically employ their unique strengths in the ever-evolving and competitive landscape of Brawl Stars.

Mico The New Brawler In Brawl Stars

Introducing the most recent inclusion in Brawl Stars, the upcoming free-for-all Brawler named Mico, scheduled for release on December 14th. This novel character presents an enchanting and pleasing aesthetic, resembling an adorable monkey-like creature adorned with a red bandana and holding a banana.

Upon examining Mico’s capabilities and statistics, the specifics unfold as follows:

– Designation: Mico

– Rarity: Epic

– Class: Fighter

– Health: 4200

– Offensive Move: Banana Toss

– Super Move: Monkey Business

– Gadget: Banana Peel

– Star Power: Monkey See, Monkey Do

Gamers can look forward to an exclusive and enjoyable gaming experience with Mico’s unique set of abilities and attributes. The introduction of this new Brawler injects a novel element into the Brawl Stars realm, providing players with engaging strategies and tactics to delve into.

List Of The New Brawler In The Brawl Stars

In the continually evolving realm of Brawl Stars, a game that regularly introduces fresh content such as new brawlers, skins, modes, and events, the latest updates bring noteworthy information about one of the recent brawlers:

1. Tick

Tick is classified as a Super Rare brawler and stands out with the distinction of having the lowest health among all Brawlers, counterbalanced by his substantial damage potential. His method of attack involves launching three mines over obstacles, detonating upon contact with an opponent or after a brief delay. Furthermore, Tick is categorized under the Artillery class, granting him the ability to dominate expansive areas of the map and disrupt the movements of adversaries. This introduces a strategic and dynamic layer to the gameplay, presenting players with fresh opportunities and challenges.

Tick’s Stats

Tick possesses a super ability named Headfirst, where he disengages and propels his head towards the nearest enemy, ultimately detonating upon reaching its target. This potent maneuver deals substantial damage, displaces adversaries, and additionally obliterates obstacles in its path.

Incorporating his first gadget, Mine Mania, Tick amplifies the number of mines launched in his subsequent attack. Conversely, his second gadget, Last Hurrah, furnishes a momentary shield before detonating, resulting in damage and the displacement of nearby enemies.

Tick’s arsenal is further enriched by his star powers. Well Oiled, his initial star power, facilitates an expedited self-healing process. Conversely, his second star power, Automa-Tick Reload, diminishes the reload time for his attacks. These distinct abilities contribute to Tick’s strategic adaptability within the game, providing players with a diverse array of tactical choices to delve into and master.

2. Frank

Introducing Frank, the latest addition to the array of brawlers in Brawl Stars. As an epic-level brawler, Frank distinguishes himself with the highest health among all Brawlers, establishing a commanding presence on the battlefield. Despite his substantial damage potential, Frank encounters a reduction in mobility when engaged in attacks or activating his Super.

Frank’s distinct Trait allows him to accumulate supercharges by absorbing damage from enemies. This unique feature introduces a strategic dimension to his gameplay, enabling more frequent deployment of potent moves. On the offensive front, Frank executes a deliberate swing of his hammer on the ground, creating a shockwave effect that impacts his adversaries. Players can strategically leverage Frank’s robust attributes and advantages as they navigate the dynamic challenges presented in Brawl Stars.

Frank’s Stats

Frank’s Super replicates his standard attack, unveiling an expanded shockwave that not only annihilates obstacles but also inflicts stun upon enemies it contacts, albeit with a prolonged delay.

His inaugural Gadget, Active Noise Canceling, grants a transient state of immunity to stuns, slows, and knockbacks, heightening his resilience during pivotal moments. Conversely, his second Gadget, Irresistible Attraction, empowers his subsequent attack to draw affected enemies towards him while amplifying the inflicted damage.

Frank’s arsenal gains further depth with his star powers. Power Grab, his initial Star Power, fleetingly amplifies his damage output subsequent to vanquishing an enemy Brawler, offering strategic advantages in ensuing engagements. Conversely, his second Star Power, Sponge, augments his maximum health for the entire duration of the match, bolstering his overall durability and endurance in confrontations. Players can strategically employ these distinctive abilities to enhance Frank’s effectiveness in the dynamic terrains of Brawl Stars.

3. Nani

Introducing Nani, a recent inclusion in the Brawl Stars lineup, recognized for her relatively modest health pool coupled with the capability to administer significant damage from an extended range. Nani’s primary method of attack involves deploying three radiant orbs arranged in a diamond formation, allowing her to effectively engage adversaries from a distance.

Expanding on her repertoire, Nani’s Super introduces Peep, a drone that she can manually navigate towards enemies. Upon impact, Peep initiates an explosive event, delivering substantial damage to enemies and forcefully pushing them backward. Additionally, this explosion exhibits the added capability of demolishing obstacles within a concise radius.

Nani’s adaptability extends to her toolkit, featuring two Gadgets and two Star Powers meticulously crafted to amplify her abilities. These supplementary components contribute to Nani’s strategic flexibility, providing players with a spectrum of choices to fine-tune her performance in the ever-evolving and competitive landscape of Brawl Stars.

4. Chuck

Introducing Chuck, the recently unveiled Mythic Brawler in Brawl Stars, making its first appearance on October 18, 2023, as an integral component of the Season 20 update. Categorized within the Damage Dealer class, Chuck stands out with augmented health and formidable damage output, particularly in close-quarter engagements.

A distinctive facet of Chuck’s arsenal lies in his Trait, allowing his Super to autonomously charge over time, drawing parallels to Darryl’s ability. Typically, Chuck’s Super takes around 5 seconds to achieve a full charge, excluding the influence of any supplementary Super-charging abilities. This unique trait introduces an engaging layer of strategic intricacy to Chuck’s gameplay, presenting players with exclusive tactical possibilities within the dynamic universe of Brawl Stars.


In summary, Chuck stands out as a captivating inclusion in Brawl Stars, offering a dynamic mix of increased resilience and formidable damage capabilities within the Damage Dealer class. His distinctive Trait, enabling the automatic progression of his Super over time, adds strategic complexity and a range of tactical possibilities. Unveiled in the Season 20 update, this Mythic Brawler assures an immersive gaming experience, enriching the ever-changing Brawl Stars environment for players to delve into and hone their skills.

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