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Monopoly Go Extra Puzzle Pieces – Explained!

Monopoly Go stands as a popular mobile rendition of the classic board game. Among its in-game events, the Toy Maker Partners event allows players to collect puzzle pieces, utilized for crafting toys and gaining rewards. In the event of surplus puzzle pieces, players can convert them into currency or dice.

Additionally, these surplus pieces can be shared with friends, expediting their event progress while also reaping rewards for the giver. It embodies a mutually advantageous scenario. To summarize, Monopoly Go players have the opportunity to amass extra puzzle pieces through in-game events, which can be leveraged to benefit both themselves and their friends within the game.

What Is Monopoly Go Extra Puzzle Pieces?

Within the realm of Monopoly Go, Extra Puzzle Pieces remain as remnants from the Toy Maker Partners event, attainable through event-related tasks or real-money transactions. These puzzle pieces have the capacity to be transformed into in-game currency or dice and can be generously shared with friends to expedite their event progression.

It’s worth noting, however, that these pieces do not possess the capability to unlock event rewards or tasks. Players have the option to either retain excess pieces for upcoming events or exchange them for immediate in-game advantages. Ultimately, Extra Puzzle Pieces represent a valuable feature within Monopoly Go, facilitating the accumulation of in-game currency and assisting friends in their game progression.

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How To Guide: To Get Extra Puzzle Pieces In Your Monopoly Go

To acquire additional puzzle pieces in Monopoly Go, consider these strategies:

1. Land on Puzzle Piece Tiles:

Aim for tiles displaying the puzzle piece icon to automatically gather puzzle pieces. Keep in mind that not all tiles bear this icon, so plan your moves strategically.

2. Utilize the 5x Multiplier: 

Increase your puzzle piece earnings with the 5x multiplier, providing five times the usual amount. Exercise caution, as it consumes more dice and entails a risk of losing your turn.

3. Achieve Event Milestones:

Obtain puzzle pieces by reaching event milestones and promptly complete these objectives to maximize your rewards.

4. Explore Quick Wins:

Regularly check the Quick Wins section situated at the bottom left corner of your screen for opportunities to acquire puzzle pieces through simple tasks.

5. Spin the Wheel:

Accumulate a minimum of 20 puzzle pieces to access the wheel and potentially win more. If you possess 400 puzzle pieces, utilizing the x20 multiplier can boost your chances further.


In conclusion, Extra Puzzle Pieces in Monopoly Go offers players a valuable opportunity to enhance their gaming experience. These pieces, acquired through in-game events and strategic approaches, can be converted into in-game currency or dice. They also promote cooperation among players as they can be shared with friends to expedite event progress.

By following the strategies outlined above to accumulate more puzzle pieces, you can bolster your in-game resources and improve your chances of success in the Monopoly Go universe. So, go ahead, roll the dice, aim for those puzzle piece tiles, and fully enjoy the Monopoly Go adventure.

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