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Fix Mcdonald’s App Not Showing Cart

McDonald’s patrons have encountered a vexing issue within the company’s mobile app, wherein the shopping cart fails to appear. As a prominent figure in the fast-food industry, McDonald’s offers its customers a user-friendly app for placing online orders and arranging deliveries. Nonetheless, like any software, sporadic glitches can disrupt the seamless user experience.

The McDonald’s app is purpose-built to aid customers in placing their food orders and availing exclusive promotions. Regrettably, technical malfunctions, notably the absence of the cart within the app, have engendered frustration among users. This article aims to delve into the origins of this problem and proffer potential remedies for its resolution.

About The McDonald’s App

McDonald’s, an internationally acclaimed fast-food establishment with a widespread global footprint, operates across numerous countries. The McDonald’s mobile application is easily obtainable for download on both iOS and Android platforms. This application furnishes users with the convenience of perusing the McDonald’s menu and seamlessly placing orders while on the move.

Moreover, the application bestows users access to exclusive promotions, distinctive offers, and cost-effective discounts, significantly enriching their McDonald’s dining experience. Furthermore, users have the opportunity to accumulate reward points within the application, which can subsequently be redeemed for complimentary McDonald’s food items.

Why The McDonald’s App Not Showing Cart

The McDonald’s app encounters periodic technical issues, such as glitches and unexpected crashes, leading to user frustration. Recent concerns involve the absence of the cart or bag and errors during the checkout process, highlighted by a Reddit user.

Mcdonald’s App Not Showing Cart

Potential factors contributing to the cart problem are:

1. Use of outdated McDonald’s app versions.

2. Unstable internet connectivity.

3. Occasional outages in McDonald’s servers.

4. Corruption in the app’s cache.

These issues have the potential to disrupt the user experience, underscoring the significance of McDonald’s promptly addressing and resolving these issues.

How To Fix McDonald’s App Not Showing Cart

To tackle the problem of the McDonald’s app failing to display the cart, consider the following steps:

1. Verify Your Internet Connection:

Given that the app relies on a stable internet connection for online food orders, ensure that your connection is robust. If issues persist, try restarting your router to address any connectivity problems.

2. Reboot the Application:

A simple app restart can often resolve a majority of issues. If problems persist, go a step further and restart your device before attempting to use the app again.

3. Log Out and Log In:

Some users have found that signing out of their accounts and then signing back in can resolve the cart display problem. While this may not offer a permanent solution, it’s worth trying. Some users suggest repeating this process between orders.

4. Clear the App’s Cache:

App cache corruption can lead to issues. To address this, access your device’s settings, locate the Applications section, find the McDonald’s app, and clear its cache.

5. Verify App Updates:

An outdated app version can be a potential cause. Ensure you check for updates in your device’s assigned app store, such as the App Store or Play Store. Try to contact the McDonald’s app technical support team, if you are still facing the issue. It might be a development-related concern necessitating their attention. 

In some instances, your only recourse may involve waiting for the app’s development team to address the issue. After implementing these solutions, you should experience improved efficiency when using the app. Additional guidance on the operation of the McDonald’s app can be found below.

Steps To Use  McDonald’s App

For new users, navigating the McDonald’s App might seem daunting, but this guide simplifies the process:

1. Download and Create an Account:

Begin by downloading the app and setting up your account.

2. Home Screen:

Once logged in, the home screen showcases the menu, deals, and more.

3. Placing an Order:

Head to the “Order” tab. Here, select items and specify Pickup or Delivery.

4. Customize Your Order:

After item selection, you can add it to your order or turn it into a meal. You also have choices for fruit size and drink type.

5. Adding to Your Order:

After customizing, add your selection to your order. Continue adding items or proceed to checkout.

6. Earning Points:

The “Earn Points” section allows you to accumulate rewards.

7. Checkout:

To finalize your order, tap the bag icon. Review your order, input payment details, and confirm.

While the ordering process may appear intricate initially, practice makes it more user-friendly.


In summary, while the problem of the McDonald’s app not displaying the cart can be vexing, adhering to the provided steps and guidance empowers users to address these issues. As a prominent figure in the fast-food industry, McDonald’s remains committed to improving the digital ordering experience, granting customers access to online orders, exclusive promotions, and the opportunity to accrue reward points for complimentary food items. With the correct troubleshooting procedures and an easily accessible guide, the McDonald’s app can deliver a more seamless and gratifying dining experience for all users.

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