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iPhone“MZFinance.FamilyNonHoH.CannotAddPayment”-How to Fix Unable To Add Payment Method in 2023

In 2023, a notable problem plagues iPhone users as they encounter difficulties adding payment methods to their Apple accounts, causing payment disruptions for services like Apple Music. The error code “MZfinance.FamilyNonHoH.CannotAddPayment” surfaces when attempting to add or delete cards associated with their Apple IDs.

This issue impacts a range of iPhone models, including iPhone 15/14, 13, and 12 Pro Max, even on iOS 17. Those seeking to eliminate the default payment method for family organizers are also confronted with the same issue. It’s important to note that this problem extends beyond just credit or debit cards and encompasses Apple Cash, credit cards, UPI, and PayPal. Affected users are reaching out to Apple support seeking resolution.

What Does The Error Code  “MZFinance.FamilyNonHoh.CannotAddPayment” Mean?

The error “MZFinance.FamilyNonHoh.CannotAddPayment” occurs when users try to add payment methods like cards or PayPal to their iPhones while having Family Sharing enabled. Family Sharing permits one adult, known as the organizer, to manage payments for the entire family (Click here to read more).

If your phone is part of a Family Sharing group, and you’re not the organizer, you won’t be able to add payment methods like credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, or UPI. Instead, you’ll encounter the MZFinance.FamilyNonHoh.CannotAddPayment error. To resolve this issue and successfully add a payment card to your iPhone, please follow the steps provided below.

How to Fix “MZfinance.FamilyNonHoH.CannotAddPayment” Unable To Add Payment Method To Your Apple ID On iPhone 12,13,14,15 Pro Max / iOS 17

To address the “MZfinance.FamilyNonHoH.CannotAddPayment” error when adding a payment method to your Apple ID on iPhone models like 12, 13, 14, 15 Pro Max, or iOS 17, consider these steps:

1. Deactivate Family Sharing:

Disable Family Sharing for both the organizer and other family members. Navigate to iPhone Settings, tap your name, select Family Sharing, and choose to Stop Purchase Sharing. Remove the organizer’s card details, restart your iPhone, and attempt to add the card once more.

2. Verify Payment Information:

Go to and log in by using your Apple ID. Go to Payment Methods and Manage Payment Method. Ensure that your payment information, including the address, matches your card details. Correct any discrepancies.

3. Attempt a Different Card:

If the error persists with specific services like PayPal or particular bank cards, try removing all payment methods and adding a new card or payment service, such as UPI. Many users find success by using an alternative credit card.

4. Reset iPhone Settings:

Some users have resolved the issue by resetting their iPhone settings. Navigate to iPhone Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset All Settings. Afterward, try adding the card to your Apple ID once again.

5. Contact Apple Support:

If none of the above solutions prove effective, consider getting in touch with Official Apple Support for further assistance in addressing the “MZfinance.FamilyNonHoH.CannotAddPayment” error.

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To sum it up, the “MZfinance.FamilyNonHoH.CannotAddPayment” error can be a source of frustration for iPhone users, especially those engaged in Family Sharing arrangements. However, by diligently following the provided steps, which encompass deactivating Family Sharing, confirming payment details, experimenting with alternative payment methods, resetting iPhone settings, and seeking guidance from Apple Support, you can effectively tackle and potentially resolve this issue. Be assured that with determination and the correct approach, you can regain control over your payment methods and continue enjoying uninterrupted access to Apple services in 2023.

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