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Troubleshooting Guide: iPhone Side Volume Buttons Not Working On WhatsApp In iOS 17/iPhone 15!

Following the update to iOS 17, a considerable number of iPhone users, especially those possessing the latest models like iPhone 15 Pro Max, 14, and 13, are experiencing audio challenges within WhatsApp. The issue centers on the unresponsiveness of the side volume buttons when users attempt to modify the volume while engaging with voice notes, videos, or audio messages within the application. Significantly, this problem appears to be isolated to WhatsApp, with users affirming that the volume buttons function correctly in other apps.

Expressing frustration on Reddit, a user noted, “I’m encountering the same issue; whenever WhatsApp is active, the buttons cease to function. I verified this on WhatsApp Business, where the buttons operate flawlessly.” Although a swift restart of the iPhone provides a temporary fix, the problem resurfaces after a few hours of usage, leaving the side buttons nonfunctional in regulating audio levels on WhatsApp.

This persistent inconvenience drives users to explore a more enduring resolution, as the glitch disrupts the typical operation of the iPhone’s side volume buttons specifically within the WhatsApp interface.

Unable to Change WhatsApp Sound From The iPhone Side Button – How To Fix It?

To resolve the challenge of being unable to modify WhatsApp sound using the iPhone side button, a practical workaround involves adjusting the volume via the control center. Easily swipe down from the top of the screen to access the control center, where volume management can be performed using on-screen controls.

Alternatively, users have successfully tackled the issue by activating the “Change with Buttons” option. Navigate to Settings > Sounds & Haptics and ensure that the “Change with Buttons” toggle is switched on and remains enabled.

In cases where these remedies prove ineffective, consider employing a potential fix by resetting iPhone settings. Access iPhone settings, proceed to GENERAL > RESET, and opt for RESET ALL SETTINGS. This action will restart your iPhone, resolving the problem without data deletion, although Wi-Fi and related settings will be reset.

The underlying issue appears to stem from the integration between iPhone iOS and WhatsApp. For a more enduring resolution, it is advisable to keep both the iOS software and WhatsApp updated to their latest versions. Regularly check for iOS updates and confirm that you are utilizing the most recent version of WhatsApp available on the App Store.

Wrapping Up!

In summary, addressing the issue of unresponsive iPhone side volume buttons in WhatsApp on iOS 17 involves exploring both temporary and enduring solutions. While a swift restart offers a quick but temporary resolution, users can opt for alternatives such as utilizing the control center or enabling the “Change with Buttons” option. Resetting iPhone settings is another avenue, albeit with the caveat of Wi-Fi configurations being reset.

The integration challenge between iPhone iOS and WhatsApp underscores the importance of maintaining updated software versions for a more lasting fix. Regularly checking for iOS updates and ensuring the latest WhatsApp version from the App Store is recommended for optimal functionality.

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