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Fix The iPhone Alarm Issue With StandBy Mode

In the most recent iOS 17 update, Apple introduced StandBy mode, a clever feature that displays the time on your iPhone screen during the night. Despite its utility, some users have come across a notable issue with their alarms when using StandBy mode. This problem appears to affect a wide spectrum of iPhone models, including the iPhone 15, 14, and 13 Pro Max.

Individuals who activate StandBy mode have reported that their alarms do not operate as expected. Rather than rousing them at their desired time, they discover that the alarm has been deactivated, leading to oversleeping. This is an exasperating circumstance, particularly for those who depend on their alarms to kick-start their day.

iPhone Alarm Issue With StandBy Mode

One of the primary dilemmas associated with StandBy mode is the absence of a snooze option. When your iPhone is in StandBy mode and the alarm activates, there is no way to engage the snooze function, as is customary. The moment your iPhone screen is touched, StandBy mode terminates the alarm, depriving you of the customary snooze capability.

This concern regarding alarms and StandBy mode can be markedly disruptive to your daily schedule, and it is crucial for iPhone users to be informed about this behavior.

A user in the Apple community forum expressed concerns about the performance of the iPhone 14 while in StandBy mode. They shared their experience, remarking, “I’ve encountered a similar issue with StandBy mode. This morning, I arrived two hours late for work because I delved into the matter and discovered that the alarm is automatically canceled upon touching the phone.” A Reddit user also reported encountering this issue.

iPhone Alarm Issue With StandBy Mode

The problem appears to be more problematic for other iPhone users. On occasion, the iPhone alarm doesn’t activate when the device is in StandBy mode. This situation seems to be particularly prevalent when a text notification pops up on the screen in StandBy mode, resulting in the alarm failing to sound, which is quite perplexing.

In summary, iOS 17 users with iPhones utilizing StandBy mode are grappling with the following alarm-related issues:

1. Absence of a snooze option upon touching the alarm.

2. Alarms failing to sound in StandBy mode.

3. Notifications causing interference with alarms in StandBy mode.

4. Reduced alarm volume while in StandBy mode on iOS 17.

iPhone Alarm Not Making Sound In StandBy Mode. Why?

Users have expressed concerns about the iPhone alarm not producing sound while in StandBy mode. This issue is particularly vexing because StandBy mode lacks a snooze option, and any unintended touch can deactivate the alarm. It seems that this omission was a substantial oversight during Apple’s implementation of the StandBy feature. In a StandBy night mode, users anticipate having access to a clock display and the capacity to receive alarms, making this problem a notable drawback.

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How to Fix Alarm Issue With StandBy Mode In Your iPhone 14,13,11, iOS 17?

Unfortunately, no readily available solution appears to exist for the alarm issue when utilizing StandBy mode on iPhones such as the 14, 13, and 11 running iOS 17. Despite contacting Apple support, it seems that they cannot provide any workaround to resolve the problem.

One proposed resolution would be for Apple to rectify the StandBy feature’s problem by implementing an automatic mechanism to conceal the Standby Screen when the device is picked up, allowing the standard alarm overlay to be visible. Currently, the only known method to restore alarm snooze functionality is to keep StandBy mode deactivated until Apple addresses this concern in upcoming iOS updates. To disable StandBy mode, follow these steps: Access the iPhone’s “Settings” app, navigate to “Display & Brightness,” and find the “Standby Mode” option.

For a lasting solution, it is advisable to monitor and install iOS 17 updates promptly on your iPhone. Furthermore, it is strongly recommended to report this issue to Apple through their Product Feedback channel, which can potentially expedite a resolution with the aggregation of multiple complaints. You can give your feedback on Apple’s Products Feedback.


To sum up, the introduction of StandBy mode in iOS 17 has triggered various alarm-related issues, such as the absence of a snooze option, alarms failing to activate, interference from notifications, and reduced alarm volume. Although an immediate remedy remains elusive, users are advised to maintain awareness of iOS 17 updates, disable StandBy mode to ensure proper alarm functionality, and submit their concerns to Apple via the Product Feedback platform, potentially leading to a resolution in forthcoming releases.

These challenges underscore the significance of addressing user feedback and enhancing the StandBy feature to provide a more seamless user experience.

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