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Fix iPhone 15 Pro Max Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting or Laggy

Numerous individuals who own the iPhone 15 Pro Max have encountered difficulties with their Bluetooth connections, encompassing recurrent disconnections and suboptimal performance. The iPhone 15 Pro Max, which stands as Apple’s most recent flagship model, has been grappling with Bluetooth-related complications, inconveniencing a substantial user base. This issue has given rise to a multitude of challenges, particularly in scenarios where Bluetooth is essential, such as when engaging in activities like streaming music within an automobile or using applications like Spotify.

A substantial number of iPhone 15 Pro Max users have voiced their grievances, sharing that their device’s Bluetooth connectivity intermittently disconnects and reconnects approximately every 10 to 15 seconds, particularly following the installation of iOS 17. This predicament appears to have a global reach, causing widespread discontent and disturbances in various Bluetooth-dependent tasks.

For instance, a Reddit user recounted their ordeal with the iPhone 15 Pro Max, wherein their Bluetooth devices would unpredictably sever their connections and encounter difficulties in reestablishing them. This predicament transcends individual instances and appears to be a prevalent concern, manifesting in connectivity disruptions with a range of devices, encompassing car factory radios, Tesla’s audio systems, BMW vehicles, and non-CarPlay setups.

Why iPhone 15 Pro Max Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting or Laggy

Numerous individuals grappling with these Bluetooth-related challenges have faced difficulties, primarily when attempting to answer calls using their Bluetooth accessories. In these instances, communication issues arise as the person on the other end often cannot hear them, creating significant hindrances.

Furthermore, a subset of iPhone 15 Pro Max users has reported suboptimal Bluetooth performance, characterized by sluggish response times and a lag in connectivity. For example, when connecting a keyboard, the pairing process is successful, but a delay of at least 2 seconds occurs before a character registers in the text box upon pressing a key.

In an effort to tackle these issues, many users have undertaken troubleshooting measures, such as activating Airplane Mode, conducting hard reboots of their iPhones, and restarting their devices. Regrettably, these endeavors have not yielded a resolution to the Bluetooth problems, even following the installation of the latest iOS 17.0.3 update.

Nonetheless, a select group of users has divulged on Apple’s official forums that they have discovered a temporary workaround by toggling Bluetooth on and off within the Bluetooth settings menu (as opposed to the control panel). This action seems to restore consistent Bluetooth functionality for a limited duration, although the problem tends to resurface after a few days.

Fix iPhone 15 Pro Max Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting or Laggy by Apple User

If you are grappling with Bluetooth issues on your iPhone 15 Pro Max, you may find the subsequent potential solutions worth considering in your quest for a resolution.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Bluetooth Keeps Disconnected or Laggy – How to Fix It?

To troubleshoot Bluetooth problems on your iPhone 15 Pro Max, you can take the following steps:

1. Re-Add iPhone 15 as a Trusted Device:

  • Begin by removing your iPhone from the list of Trusted Devices on your car’s stereo or other Bluetooth accessories.
  • After removal, re-add your iPhone as a Trusted Device. If you encounter difficulties while reconnecting, you can refer to Apple’s guide for connecting Bluetooth accessories to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch for guidance.

2. Reset All Network Settings to Default:

  • If the Bluetooth issues persist, you can attempt to reset your iPhone’s network settings. Please note that this action will reset various network-related configurations, including Wi-Fi passwords and VPN connections.
  • To do this, navigate to your iPhone’s settings: General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. After that, you will be asked to input your device’s passcode >>> Confirm the action and your iPhone will undergo a reboot >>> After the reset, check whether the Bluetooth connection issue has been resolved.

3. Report the Issue to Apple:

  • If you still face Bluetooth problems with your iPhone 15 Pro Max, it’s advisable to report the issue to Apple. You can provide feedback regarding the problem through Apple’s Feedback platform, specifically within the Apple Music section.

By following these steps, you can work towards addressing and potentially resolving Bluetooth issues on your iPhone 15 Pro Max.


To sum up, the Bluetooth connectivity issues that have been plaguing iPhone 15 Pro Max users are undeniably disruptive in their daily routines. These problems, though pervasive and exasperating, do come with potential remedies. Re-establishing your device as a Trusted Device, resetting network settings, and notifying Apple of the issue are actions you can take to tackle these Bluetooth-related challenges. While a definitive, lasting solution may remain elusive, these steps offer a route toward a more dependable and consistent Bluetooth experience on your iPhone 15 Pro Max.

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