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What Does Instagram User Mean On Instagram DM 2023

So, what does Instagram user mean? Instagram is the most engaged social media app out there, and has more than a billion users worldwide.

A few days back, while searching for my followers in the DM section on Instagram, I have seen the new term “Instagram User”, and I wonder what this term means.

I think you might also wonder what it means. And why Instagram doesn’t show their actual name.

In this article, we will guide you on what does Instagram user mean or Instagram and how it appears in the DM section.

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What Does It Mean When It Says “Instagram User”?

Initially, when I saw this term, I thought he might have blocked me on Instagram. And just for surety, I chat with my friend on another social platform. My friend told me that he has deleted his account permanently and is now using a new account.

After discussing with my friend, I got to know that if someone permanently deleted his/her account then Instagram shows their profile as Instagram User rather than their username or profile name.

But, there are also a few possible reasons, which I’ve discussed below.

The User Has Deleted Their Account

If someone deleted his/her account then you’ll see Instagram User instead of their actual name. You would still be able to see the previous talks with them.

After deleting own by own Instagram shows you this term for the first 30 days and then it will be permanently deleted.

The User Has Deactivated Their Account

If you want to take a break from Instagram then, the app lets you deactivate your account in no time.

If some of your closed ones temporarily deactivated their account, then their profile will appear to you as an “Instagram User”. But, you’ll still be able to read previous message chats.

When you try messaging them, your text is sent as usual but it will be undelivered unless they reactivate their account.

Instagram Has Banned Their Account

When any of the users violate the terms and conditions of Instagram, then it will lead to the suspension of their account. And in that case, you’ll see as an “Instagram User”, and the account doesn’t show you the post counts, following, and followers.


Now, we are going to wrap up this article. We hope you find it useful and understand the Instagram User mean. Hopefully, the term will probably not surprise you again. Sometimes your friends’ usernames are replaced with Instagram User in the DM section. It simply means, that his/her account is deleted, suspended, and deactivated.

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