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How to Add Ship Storage in Starfield

Your spaceship serves as more than simply a means of transportation in the huge cosmos of Starfield. It acts as your permanent residence among the stars. It’s the place where you store your valuable goods, including contraband for those who are tempted to engage in the darker aspects of space travel.

However, similar to how it does at your home on Earth, you will need extra space to store your cosmic treasures if your ship’s storage area is congested and messy. 

Keep reading the article, Here we’ll explore the various methods regarding how to add ship storage in Starfield, along with the main strategies you may use to enhance your ship’s storage capacity, ensuring that you never have to part with your precious belongings.

1. Purchase New Cargo Modules

In Starfield, purchasing new cargo modules is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to increase the amount of ship’s storage capacity. What you can do is as follows:

  • Start by finding one of the in-game settlements, New Atlantis is an easy option. Once there, talk to the Ship Vendor.
  • Choosing this option to upgrade your ship will take you to the ship upgrading interface.
  • You have to make sure that no specific area of your ship is highlighted in the shipbuilder menu. Now, tap “ADD” ship parts.
  • Search for the “Cargo” section by scrolling through the purchase page on the right. Here pick the storage module that most closely matches your needs, then confirm your decision.

It’s important to note that different planets in the Starfield universe offer various kinds of storage units. For example, you can buy protected storage when you go to Suvorov, one of the plants in Starfields, and explore The Key settlement.

Furthermore, you will have access to even better storage upgrade possibilities if you earn the “Starship Design” skill, making this a crucial skill to investigate.

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2. Upgrade the Correct Starfield Skills

The in-game skill tree in Starfield gives you the opportunity to increase your ship’s storage capacity, rather than just replacing your storage unit with a bigger one. Find the “Payload” skill on the Tech Skills Tree. Your ship’s storage capacity will significantly improve as you level up this skill. It increases your storage space by 10% in level 1, 50% in level 4, and 100% in level 6.

You will surely benefit from investing in and developing this skill when you start on your interplanetary travels. Additionally, as we mentioned, progressing through the “Starship Design” skill tree will provide you control to prototype ship components, such as storage modules that can greatly expand your ship’s capacity. For those users, who want to make the most of their storage possibilities in Starfield, these abilities are essential.

3. Purchase a Ship With Better Storage Unit

If you’re in a rush or just want to upgrade your ship’s storage in a more direct manner, consider purchasing a new ship altogether. Starfield gives a variety of spacecraft with varied amounts of storage, to suit various preferences and price ranges. You can choose from a variety of ships in the game that potentially have a bigger storage capacity than your current ship by visiting any ship merchant.

You should have enough in-game credits to purchase the ship that best meets your storage needs, but bear in mind that option could cost extra. It’s a great option for anyone who wants to immediately add their storage capacity or who doesn’t want to deal with the headache of manually upgrading your ship.

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Let’s conclude this article, the management of your ship’s stores is crucial to your success as an intergalactic explorer. There are many ways to expand the storage space on your spacecraft, including switching cargo modules, gaining the necessary skills, and buying a new ship entirely.

Your ship will continue to be a cozy and useful home among the stars if you follow the instructions in this article. This will free you from the limitations of restricted storage space and allow you to continue exploring the wonderful universe of Starfield.

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