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What Does “Grey X Next To Snapchat Name” Mean?

What Does Grey X Next To Snapchat Name Mean 2023: Snapchat is one such alluring app that stands at the top of the most downloaded apps list.

Snapchat is one of the top social networking sites that allows users to send and receive photos (snaps), videos, text, and drawings. Since Snapchat launched, it has used a variety of symbols or emojis to describe information about users in the chat section.

Recently, many Snapchat users started noticing a weird symbol (grey x icon) on their DM section, next to a user’s name.

But, what does this actually mean?

Here, we will let you know the exact meaning of the grey x next to Snapchat name. Furthermore, we’ll explain to you all the different colored arrows on Snapchat.

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What Does “Grey X Next To Snapchat Name” Mean On Conversation?

The Grey X icon on Snapchat has different meanings, it depends on whether you are in your conversation section or you using it in your snaps.

When the Grey x icon shows you next to your Snapchat name, it means,

  • A person has removed you on Snapchat or you’re no longer on their friends’ list.
  • If you have removed them from your friend list for some reason.
  • When someone has blocked you on Snapchat.

Note:- On Snapchat app allows, even if they aren’t friends, they may still message each other.

How To Remove The Grey X Icon On Snapchat

For removing the grey x icon on Snapchat, what you can do is just

  • You have to make sure that, you have added them to your friends’ list.
  • See whether they have unadded you or removed you from their friends’ list.
  • See if they have blocked you.

Once you have done with all of these, the grey x icon will automatically disappear from your Snapchat. First, you may need to restart the Snapchat app again.

Different Colored Arrows Symbols On Snapchat 2023

Purple: Snaps with audio, mainly videos, are suggested by purple arrows.

Red: Snaps without audio on Snapchat are indicated by red arrows.

Grey: If there are undelivered messages on Snapchat, then it will be indicated by grey arrows.

Blue: Your chat messages are shown by blue arrows.

What Does The Grey X Box On Snapchat But Still Friends?

The grey x box on Snapchat means that you have never had a conversation with a person. Simply you have never sent or received snaps from the person.

On Snapchat, there are two basic symbols, one for sending snaps and one for receiving snaps. The first symbol is a Box, which is for receiving snaps and another symbol is an Arrow, which is for sending snaps.

Final Thoughts

Now, it’s time to wrap up this article, hope you find it interesting and useful. Snapchat uses a variety of symbols and emojis or codes for various words or expressions.

People who use Snapchat predominantly can understand the slang, codes & emojis. Here we understand What Does Grey X Next To Snapchat Name Mean, How to remove the grey x icon on Snapchat, different colored codes on Snapchat, and What Does The Grey X Box On Snapchat But Still Friends.

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