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Disable Google Search “Choose Location For Search Results” – How To Guide!

Google recently introduced changes to its search engine, incorporating AI to enhance search result personalization. Nevertheless, certain users have expressed dissatisfaction with Google’s new prompt that requests them to indicate a location preference. During a Google search, a recurring message surfaces, prompting users to select a location preference from “estimated location” and “Precise Location.”

The primary objective of this new feature is to refine and customize search outcomes according to the user’s location preference. However, many Google users have reported annoyance with this location prompt. Unfortunately, there isn’t a readily available method to deactivate it, and users do not have the option to dismiss or close the prompt (X); they must decide between the two location preferences offered.

One user reported on Twitter:

A convenient approach to disable the Google search popup, identified as “Choose the location for search results,” involves simply refreshing the page. This action effectively prevents the recurrent appearance of this popup, offering a practical workaround to circumvent the persistent inconvenience caused by Google.

As an alternative method to deactivate the “Choose location for search results” function on Android phones, iPhones, or laptops, users can initiate the process by adjusting the location permissions for the Chrome app. On Android phones, access the App location permissions settings, and within the categories of “Allowed all the time,” “Allowed only while in use,” and “Not allowed,” locate the Google Chrome app. Select the app and toggle off its location permission. Once Chrome loses access to the device’s location, it discontinues the display of the Google location prompt.

It is hoped that Google will soon provide an official option for users to enable or disable the “Choose location for search results” popup as part of their settings.

Wrap Up!

In brief, Google’s recent integration of AI for personalized search results has introduced a location preference prompt that some users find inconvenient. Although there isn’t a direct method to turn it off, a simple workaround involves refreshing the page to prevent its repeated appearance. Users of Android phones, iPhones, or laptops can also disable it by modifying location permissions for the Chrome app. It’s expected that Google will offer an official feature in the future, giving users greater control over their search experience.

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