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How To Get Rid Of Notes On Instagram 2023

Instagram started serving a new feature called Notes since the month of June. Here, we have covered how to get rid of notes on Instagram.

The notes feature on Instagram allows users to write 60-character-long notes for their followers. But, many Instagram users are frustrated with this feature. They are trying to find a way to disable Instagram Notes on their devices.

F.Y.I: The Notes feature is still in the testing phase, and only a few users have been given access to use on their Instagram.

If you are one of those users who want to get rid of notes on Instagram, you may not need to worry much. What you need to do is keep reading the article.

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What Is The Notes Feature On Instagram?

Notes feature on Instagram lets users post a 60-character message that expires after 24 hours. It’s up to you with whom you wish to share your notes. With this feature, you can write brief information, i.e., notes or advice.

The Notes on Instagram appear in the direct message (DM) section at the top.

Moreover, your friends or close ones may see your notes in their conversation area. If your friends reply to your notes, the reply will appear in your inbox.

How To Get Rid of Notes On Instagram

You might be scratching your head about whether you can remove notes features on Instagram or not.

Simply the answer is “No”, you cannot remove or get rid of notes on Instagram. However, if you already update the Instagram app to the latest version on your device, then it isn’t possible to remove the notes feature.

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