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Get Gambit Memento And Its Shader In Destiny 2 – How To Guide!

Enthusiastic Destiny 2 players are eager to acquire the Gambit Memento alongside its exclusive Shader. The Gambit Memento is attainable through active participation in the Gambit game mode, where players can engage in battles and strategic gameplay. This Legendary Memento serves as an insertable enhancement for specially crafted weapons, endowing them with distinctive and advantageous abilities.

Upon achieving the milestone of reaching Level 30 within the Gambit mode, players will unlock the highly sought-after Scaly Keepsake Shader. This article delves into the intricacies of the Gambit Memento and provides a comprehensive guide on how to obtain this prized item within the vast universe of Destiny 2.

Gambit Memento Shader – Explained!

The Gambit Memento is a prestigious in-game item that can be exclusively acquired by participating in the Gambit game mode. This unique Memento has a strict single-item limit, allowing you to possess only one at a time, necessitating its active use for storage.

What distinguishes the Gambit Memento is its dependence on chance, making it one of the more frequently acquired Mementos compared to others within the game. Your opportunity to obtain a Gambit Memento is entirely random and occurs upon the successful completion of a Gambit match.

To secure this valuable item, your in-game goal revolves around defeating various foes while collecting crucial items required to summon the formidable boss, “The Primeval.” Upon successfully vanquishing this powerful adversary, there’s the potential for the Gambit Memento to drop, subsequently enabling you to enhance a carefully crafted weapon.

It’s worth noting that Gambit Mementos can be seamlessly integrated into Shaped Weapons, also known as Crafted Weapons. These specialized armaments can be forged through the process of Weapon Shaping, offering an additional layer of customization to your weaponry.

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How To Get Shader And Perks Of Gambit Memento?

To acquire Shader and perks through the Gambit Memento, follow these essential steps:

1. Level 1 Perks:

Apply the Gambit Memento to your chosen shaped weapon using Weapon Crafting. This grants access to a range of perks, including:

   – Gambit Memento Tracker: Monitors the number of Gambit targets defeated.

   – Kill Tracker: Counts both non-guardian and guardian kills.

   – Crucible Tracker: Tracks guardian kills. It is noteworthy that only one perk can be active at a time.

2. Level 20 Achievement:

Upon reaching level 20, you’ll earn the Primeval Usurper title. This title reflects the honor achieved by defeating the Primeval boss and is visible on Destiny 2’s weapon details screen.

3. Level 30 Exclusive Shader:

Reaching level 30 unlocks the Scaly Keepsake shader, the ultimate reward for upgrading a weapon equipped with the Gambit Memento.

These significant milestones and improvements provide players with a rewarding progression system within Destiny 2’s Gambit mode, enhancing both their weaponry and their in-game status.

Can You Get Scaly Keepsake Shader From Gambit Memento?

The Scaly Keepsake Shader stands out as a prestigious Legendary Shader, conspicuously absent from the collections. It exclusively adorns weapons equipped with a Gambit Memento and becomes accessible upon reaching Level 30.

Within the shader selection menu, you can conveniently preview this Shader on any Shaped Weapon. Scaly Keepsake predominantly showcases a vibrant green hue as its primary color, complemented by a secondary black shade. Its defining feature lies in the snake-like scale texture, giving it a visually striking and compelling aspect.

It’s noteworthy that players have exhibited a distinct preference for this unique visual style, drawn to its captivating design and animated scales. While its application is limited to crafted weapons, its undeniable legendary status is underscored by its exceptional visual aesthetics and animations. However, it’s essential to clarify that it does not contribute to the progression of your collection, despite its popularity and remarkable visual appeal.

Wrap Up

In Destiny 2, dedicated players embark on an exciting journey to attain the Gambit Memento and the exclusive Scaly Keepsake Shader. The Gambit Memento, earned through the Gambit mode, bestows unique enhancements upon weapons. Upon reaching Level 30, players gain access to the coveted Scaly Keepsake Shader, elevating the visual appeal of their arsenal. It’s worth noting that, although the Shader is highly sought after for its aesthetics, it does not impact your collection progress. This comprehensive guide offers a clear roadmap for players to acquire these in-game treasures, enhancing their overall Destiny 2 experience.

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