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How to Fix YouTube Shorts Comments Not Loading or Opening Properly on PC, iPhone, or Android

YouTube Shorts has rapidly gained popularity as a platform, yet a portion of its users face challenges when attempting to access comments on these concise videos. Regardless of whether you are utilizing YouTube Shorts on your personal computer, iPhone, or Android device, you might observe instances where comments do not load as expected. Some individuals have reported only partial comment loading, while others encounter difficulties with the entire comments section refusing to open. 

For certain users, the problem is characterized by comments failing to open upon clicking the comment button, while others confront issues with the YouTube Shorts app freezing during the comment loading process. These challenges can be vexing, suggesting a potential bug impacting YouTube Shorts users across a range of devices.

Ways to Fix YouTube Shorts Comments Not Loading or Opening Properly

Explore Different Web Browsers:

If you encounter difficulties with YouTube Shorts on your PC or mobile device, consider attempting to access them via an alternative web browser. The issue with YouTube Shorts comments doesn’t seem to affect all web browsers consistently. Some users have reported that using Chrome allows them to access the comment section for specific YouTube Shorts, even when it fails on other browsers.

Sign Out of Your Account:

Another potential solution for resolving the YouTube Shorts comment loading problem involves watching shorts without being signed in to your Google account. By signing out of your account on the device, you might discover that comments load correctly when you watch YouTube Shorts.

Proceed to the Next YouTube Shorts:

When confronted with challenges related to YouTube Shorts comments not loading as expected, a practical workaround involves moving on to the subsequent short video. Surprisingly, you can access comments for the current short by utilizing the comments button from the previous one, presenting an unconventional yet effective solution.

Clear Browser Cache:

If you encounter a situation where YouTube Shorts comments are absent, it could be linked to your device’s web browser. To address this issue, consider clearing your browser’s cache. Navigate to the browser settings, access ‘More Tools,’ and select ‘Clear Browsing Data.’ Be sure to mark the checkboxes for “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” before clicking ‘Clear data.’

Exercise Patience:

In certain instances, the comment loading problem may originate from YouTube’s server side. In such scenarios, the issue typically resolves itself over time. It is advisable to demonstrate patience and allow for a period during which the issue can auto-resolve without the necessity for further intervention.

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In summary, YouTube Shorts, a popular platform for short-form content, can present frustrating comment-loading challenges for its users. Whether you opt to change your web browser, log out of your account, or employ unconventional methods, solutions do exist for addressing these issues. Moreover, understanding that certain problems may originate from YouTube’s servers underscores the value of patience as a potentially effective remedy. By considering these strategies, users can enhance their experience on YouTube Shorts, ensuring a more seamless and enjoyable journey on the platform.

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