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How to Fix Twitter Camera Not Working 2023

In the fast-paced realm of social media, Twitter’s camera feature plays a crucial role in sharing moments and experiences. However, encountering the dreaded “Twitter Camera Not Working” problem can be exasperating.

This blog explores the common causes behind this issue and provides concise, practical solutions to get your camera back on track. Whether you’re a seasoned user or a newcomer, our troubleshooting guide will help you resume capturing and sharing your life’s highlights effortlessly on Twitter.

So, let’s conquer these camera woes and continue expressing ourselves in the digital world!

Why is “Twitter Camera Not Working”

  • Unstable internet connection
  • Your device’s camera permission is disabled
  • Twitter App is facing some technical issues with its server
  • Maybe there are some glitches/bugs in your latest version of the Twitter App

How to Fix the “Twitter Camera Not Working Problem”

1.) Give Permission For Camera Access in Your Twitter App

  • Go to Settings of Your Device -> Click on App & Notifications -> Tap the All Apps Option -> Open Your Twitter App -> Click on Permission Option -> Tap the Agree Button to Enable the Camera Access
  • Go to the App Settings of Your Device -> Tap on Twitter App -> Agree to the Enable Option of Camara and Microphone

2.) Try to Close the App For a While and Then Re-Open It

3.) Ensure Your Internet Connection is Stable or Not by Turning it Off and ON 

4.) Get Rid of the Cache Data of Your Twitter App

  • Go to Settings of Your Device -> Open Data Storage -> Tap on Twitter App -> Click to Clear the Cache Data
  • Go to Settings of Your Device -> Select General Option -> Open iPhone Data Storage -> Select Twitter App -> Click on Offload Button then Reinstall the App

5.) Try Uninstalling and Re-Installing the App

6.) Update the Old Version by Installing the Latest Updates

7.) Sometimes the problem is not with the App but with your device, so, Try to Reboot Your Device

8.) Sometimes the problem is too big and can be fixed only from the server, so, Wait till Twitter fixes its technical issue


Resolving the “Twitter Camera Not Working” issue is crucial for seamless social media engagement. By following the provided troubleshooting guide, users can swiftly overcome camera woes, ensuring effortless sharing of life’s highlights on Twitter. Grant camera access, check internet connection, clear cache data, update the app, and be patient for server-related issues. Happy tweeting!

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