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Fix Starfield Rejuvenation Not Working

In Starfield, there’s a skill called Rejuvenation, found in the Physical skill tree as a tier 4 skill. It has four ranks that make your health regenerate better. To unlock these ranks, you need skill points, earned by completing skill challenges and leveling up in Starfield. This skill is mainly for healing outside of fights, so you don’t need as many medical items.

However, numerous players are facing issues with the Rejuvenation perk because it’s expected to assist during combat, but it currently does not. Bethesda Game Studios, the creator of the game, has not released any official statements addressing this problem. People really want the Rejuvenation skill because it’s good in combat, but it’s not working right on different devices, like PCs and consoles.

Why Starfield Rejuvenation Not Working

The Rejuvenation perk in Starfield might be experiencing issues, particularly in ranks 3 and 4, potentially due to bugs. Numerous reports on Reddit and Nexus Mods forums have raised concerns about the in-combat health regeneration not functioning correctly, despite out-of-combat regeneration working as intended. Many players are grappling with this widespread problem, and it’s uncertain whether Bethesda is aware of the issue or actively addressing it.

Furthermore, conflicts with other mods could be contributing to the malfunction of the Rejuvenation perk. Mods that modify gameplay mechanics, such as health regeneration, may be interfering with the proper operation of the Rejuvenation perk. If users suspect that a mod is the root cause of the problem, they are encouraged to disable it and assess whether the Rejuvenation perk starts functioning correctly once again.

How To Fix Starfield Rejuvenation If It Is Not Working

If the Rejuvenation perk in Starfield is malfunctioning, you can attempt the following remedies:

1. Utilize Console Commands:

Open the console by pressing the tilde key (~), then input “player.setav CombatHealthRegenMult X” (excluding quotes), with X representing your desired regeneration multiplier. Experiment with different values to determine effectiveness.

2. Install Mods:

Consider installing mods like the “Fix Rejuvenation” mod from Nexus Mods, offering potential permanent fixes. Mods may necessitate setup but can be effective solutions.

3. Await a Patch:

If neither console commands nor mods resolve the issue, await an official patch from Bethesda. They are aware of the problem and actively working on a solution. Monitor updates while exploring alternative combat-related perks and abilities.

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The Rejuvenation perk in Starfield poses a challenge for players due to its malfunction during combat. Bethesda Game Studios has acknowledged this issue, though an official fix is still in progress. Meanwhile, players have temporary solutions available, such as utilizing console commands or implementing mods to tackle the problem.

It’s essential to exercise patience, as Bethesda is working on a forthcoming patch to address the Rejuvenation perk’s functionality. During this interim period, players can explore alternative in-game combat strategies to compensate for the perk’s current limitations.

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