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Fix Starfield Flashlight Not Working

Venturing into the cosmic journey of Starfield can be stimulating, but finding your flashlight malfunctioning can be a frustrating setback. In this guide, we’ll explore five effective fixes to illuminate your path to “Fix the Starfield Flashlight Not Working Issue.” From configuring your helmet to updating device drivers, we’ve got you covered. Let’s ensure that the mysteries of space are never shrouded in darkness.

Different Ways to Fix Starfield Flashlight Not Working Issue

Fix 1: Check your Helmet Functionality Type by Configuring the Starfield Features, and selecting the type which provides Flashlight Features.

Fix 2: Confirm and Know Your Controls by Double-checking the game’s guidelines which help you to activate your device’s flashlight.

Fix 3: Make Sure you have Updated your Device Drivers by Using the Online Automatically Updating Tools or Manually.

Fix 4: Clear the Shader Cache Data.

Steps to Clear Cache on Windows Operating System:

  • Press the Window/Start Icon of your PC >>> To Open the Settings, you have to select the gear icon >>> After selecting the System option, go to the Storage option which is present in the left-side menu >>> Now, you can see Clear the Temporary Files Option >>> Check the DirectX Shader Cache box and click to clear the cache data >>> Finally, relaunch the game.

Fix 5: If the above fixes don’t work, it means either you are playing the Starfield on Console or the problem might be with your Controller. So, try switching to a different controller to resolve the issue.

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Wrapping It Up

As you set off on your cosmic adventure in Starfield, a busted flashlight doesn’t have to be a buzzkill. In this guide, we’ve dished out five super effective fixes to banish that darkness that might try to rain on your parade. From tinkering with your helmet to giving those device drivers a digital makeover, we’ve got your back. So, don’t stress about the shadows, fellow space explorer! Thanks to these hacks, your cosmic journey will always be lit with the vibes of discovery.

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