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Fix Opera Gx Spotify Not Working In 2023

Many Spotify fans have recently run into an issue while trying to access the Spotify web player at This issue seems to be specific to the Opera GX browser, as numerous users report that it works smoothly on Chrome and Firefox but encounters difficulties on Opera GX.

The problem becomes apparent when users attempt to utilize Opera GX’s integrated Spotify player. Certain users are met with an error message prompting them to “Activate secured playing in your browser settings,” regardless of whether they are on a Windows or Mac system. Even after attempting potential solutions, such as reinstalling the Opera web browser, the problem remains unresolved.

It appears that there may be underlying bugs or compatibility issues between Spotify and Opera GX. For a portion of users, trying to access the Spotify player via the Opera browser results in a “Bad Gateway 502” error, underscoring the need for further investigation and resolution of these issues.

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How To Fix Opera Gx Spotify If It Is Not Working?

Should you encounter challenges using Spotify on Opera GX, you can explore the following remedies to Fix Opera Gx Spotify Not Working:

1. Deactivate Hardware Acceleration:

As per suggestions from the Reddit community, disabling hardware acceleration within the Opera browser settings (accessible via opera://settings/system) seems to rectify the problem. After implementing this adjustment, Spotify’s music content should load without any issues when using Opera GX.

2. Tackle the Bad Gateway 502 Error:

In the event of a Bad Gateway 502 error, while utilizing Spotify on Opera, your first course of action should be to disable any active VPN, proxy, or DNS configurations, especially if you are employing Opera’s native VPN. The 502 Bad Gateway error frequently correlates with VPN usage, and deactivating these services may help resolve the problem.

3. Submit a Formal Report:

Should the issue persist, it is advisable to formally report it to Opera for further assistance. You can submit a detailed report through [Opera’s official issue reporting platform]. This proactive step will aid in a more effective resolution of the problem.


To sum up, in 2023, the specific compatibility challenges experienced by Spotify users on Opera GX have been a source of frustration. While this issue appears confined to Opera GX, practical solutions are at hand. Disabling hardware acceleration, tackling the Bad Gateway 502 error by deactivating VPNs, proxies, and DNS settings, and formally reporting issues through Opera’s official platform all contribute to a smoother Spotify experience. By adhering to these steps, users can anticipate the resolution of Spotify playback issues on Opera GX, ensuring uninterrupted music streaming.

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