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Fix Notion Duplicate Not Working!

Facing problems with Notion’s duplication feature can be quite frustrating. Notion’s duplication functionality is designed to save time by generating copies of content that can be modified. You can replicate pages, databases, and blocks through the following methods:

1. Page Duplication: Access the top-right three dots menu on a page and choose “Duplicate.”

2. Database Duplication: Navigate to the top-right three dots menu on a database and select “Duplicate.”

3. Block Duplication: Highlight a block, then either press “Cmd/Ctrl + D” or hold “Option” while clicking and dragging the block.

If duplicating still proves problematic, consider the following steps:

Refresh Notion: Simply refresh the Notion page.

Clear Cache: Clear your browser cache.

Verify Permissions: Ensure you possess the necessary permissions.

Browser/Notion Update: Keep your browser or Notion application up to date.

Contact Support: If the issue persists, get in touch with Notion’s support team for assistance.

How To Fix Notion Duplicate Not Working

Encountering problems duplicating pages or content in Notion? Here’s the solution:

1. Confirm Permissions: Ensure you possess the required permissions for content duplication, especially within team settings. Check if your workspace admin has imposed any restrictions.

2. Clear Cache and Cookies: Often, clearing your browser’s cache and cookies resolves duplication issues. Access your browser settings, locate the option to clear data, and restart your browser before attempting duplication again.

3. Switch Browsers: If cache clearing fails, consider using a different browser. Notion occasionally experiences compatibility issues with specific browsers.

4. Contact Notion Support: If the problem persists, reach out to Notion support for expert assistance. They offer troubleshooting and solutions. You can contact them through the Notion Help Center or via email at [email protected].


To sum it up, addressing problems with Notion’s duplication feature is crucial for a smoother workflow. Whether you’re duplicating pages, databases, or blocks, these troubleshooting methods can ease your frustrations. Begin by confirming permissions, clearing cache and cookies, or experimenting with an alternate browser. If issues persist, don’t hesitate to reach out to Notion’s specialized support team. With these solutions, you can ensure that Notion’s duplication function operates smoothly, ultimately saving you precious time and effort in your work.

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