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Fix MacBook Finder Not Responding or Locks Up With MacOS Sonoma 14!

Many individuals using MacBook Air and MacBook Pro have encountered a challenging situation after updating to the latest Sonoma 14 operating system. The issue centers around Finder, a critical macOS file management tool, which experiences unresponsiveness and prolonged freezing. For certain unfortunate MacBook owners, Finder fails to launch entirely or repeatedly crashes shortly after initiation.

It appears that the Sonoma update has introduced multiple glitches, leaving users dealing with this vexing problem. A Reddit user, expressing their frustration, outlined the issue when attempting to copy, move, or delete items on a USB disk. They emphasized that Finder becomes unresponsive, compelling them to endure a waiting period of nearly two minutes before any response occurs.

This situation has led many users to actively search for solutions to address these Finder-related challenges and reinstate the smooth operation of their MacBooks operating on Sonoma 14.

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How To Guide: To Get Rid Of Locked-Up Finder

If you encounter a frozen Finder issue after updating to Sonoma 14, here are steps to help you resolve the problem:

1. Force Quit Finder from Terminal:

When Finder becomes unresponsive, you can forcefully quit it using the Terminal:

  • Open a Terminal window.
  • Execute these commands:

     “`ps -ax | grep -i dock

     “`(Make note of the process ID associated with Dock)

     “`sudo kill -9 <dock process ID>

     “` This will forcibly terminate the unresponsive Finder process.

2. iCloud Drive Connection:

Reports from Apple forums suggest a potential link between the Finder issue and iCloud Drive. It seems that enabling iCloud Drive can lead to Finder crashes on a MacBook. A simple MacBook restart may not resolve the problem.

3. Relaunch Finder:

If Finder doesn’t launch correctly on Sonoma, you can try to relaunch it as a quick fix:

  • Click on Finder in the Dock while holding the Option key.
  • Go to the bottom where the menu option is available, and select “Relaunch.

4. Static Wallpapers/Screensavers:

To address the issue of the MacBook Finder not working on Sonoma, consider disabling the rotation of Dynamic Wallpapers and Screensavers. Instead, set both of them to static images and check if this resolves the problem.

5. Patience After Sonoma Installation:

After installing Sonoma, it’s advisable to be patient for a couple of days. The MacBook system is synchronizing a significant amount of data due to the new OS, and during this time, the Finder app may take a while to load all items on the MacBook.

6. Report the Issue to Apple:

If the problem persists over an extended period despite trying these solutions, it’s advisable to report the issue to Apple for further assistance.


In summary, the Finder lock-up issue that has plagued many MacBook users following the Sonoma 14 update can be quite vexing. However, there are several practical steps available to address this problem. These solutions range from forcibly quitting Finder through Terminal, considering the potential role of iCloud Drive, and utilizing the Finder relaunch option. Adjusting wallpaper and screensaver settings to static images can also be helpful.

Furthermore, practicing patience during the initial days after Sonoma installation and promptly reporting persistent issues to Apple can contribute to a smoother user experience. By following these steps, you can potentially fix the Finder lock-up issue on your MacBook running Sonoma 14.

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