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Fix Lock Screen Clock Dims On iPhone 13/14: iOS 17!

Many iPhone 13 and 14 users have faced an issue where the lock screen clock dims after upgrading to iOS 17. This problem seems to be more common when using complex wallpapers for the lock screen. Despite adjusting various lock screen settings, users report that the clock and date display with reduced visibility. Even changing the wallpaper does not seem to provide a solution. Consequently, it can be difficult to read the time, particularly in daylight, on these iPhone models.

Individuals encountering this problem have noted that performing a standard iPhone reboot effectively rectifies the issue. Following a typical reboot, the lock screen clock maintains its clarity and does not undergo any dimming. This points to the possibility of a software bug impacting multiple iPhone models, such as the iPhone 14, 12, and 13 Pro Max. It would be a prudent step for Apple to initiate an investigation into this matter and consider implementing a resolution in the forthcoming release of iOS 17.

To maintain the lock screen clock’s brightness on your iPhone, take these steps:

1. Access your iPhone’s Settings.

2. Navigate to the Focus section.

3. Select one of the available Focus modes.

4. Access the Options (Parameters) menu.

5. Enable the “Dim Lock Screen” option, which is often labeled as “Darken under the lock.”

By deactivating this feature, your lock screen clock should remain visible without dimming.

User Reported About Lock Screen Clock Dims on iPhone 1314 iOS 17

If the issue persists, you can also explore adjusting your iPhone’s brightness settings:

1. For Auto-Brightness, you can find it in Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size.

2. To manage True Tone, access the Settings > Display & Brightness section.

3. Adjust Auto-Lock settings in Settings > Display & Brightness.

Experiment with these settings to see if any changes alleviate the situation.

Wrapping Up!

In brief, individuals encountering lock screen clock dimming problems on iPhone 13 and 14 with iOS 17 can resolve the issue through a routine device reboot or by modifying their Focus settings. This issue is widespread, particularly when intricate wallpapers are in use. These observations indicate a potential software glitch impacting a range of iPhone models, necessitating Apple’s attention for a forthcoming iOS 17 update. Furthermore, adjusting brightness settings may offer users an additional solution to maintain clock visibility on their lock screens.

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