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iPhone 15 Pro Callers Can’t Hear Me On Calls – How To Fix It?

Users of the iPhone 15 Pro are facing an issue where the audio during both incoming and outgoing calls is not transmitted to callers. This problem persists across various communication modes, including AirPods, Bluetooth headsets, speakerphones, and the device itself. This audio-related concern is proving to be a significant source of frustration for users, especially considering the premium quality associated with the iPhone 15.

Despite users reporting the problem to Apple, there is no official recognition of it as a known issue according to information from source 1. The absence of acknowledgment from Apple support exacerbates the frustration of users who experience compromised call reliability on the iPhone 15, with callers unable to receive any audio during conversations.

How To Fix It If You Are Not Able To Hear The Caller or The Caller Can’t Hear You With An iPhone 15 Pro Max?

If you encounter difficulties where either you are unable to hear the caller or they cannot hear you on your iPhone 15 Pro Max, consider following these troubleshooting steps:

1. Mute/Unmute Calls:

   In cases where you are not audible during iPhone 15 calls, it may be because the phone is muted without displaying the “muted” status on the screen. To address this, tap the mute and unmute buttons while on a call. Repeating this action four to five times may be necessary to resolve the issue. Afterward, the other caller should be able to hear you.

2. Performing a Hard Reboot on iPhone 15:

   Issues with call audio on the iPhone 15 may be attributed to a software problem. To address this, initiate a hard reboot on the iPhone 15 by pressing the volume up button once, pressing the volume down button once, and holding the on/off button until the Apple logo appears.

   A user shared a successful experience with this method, mentioning, “I powered off my iPhone 15 Pro and turned it back on, but I held the power button, allowing the Apple logo to cycle three times before releasing it on the fourth appearance. After that, I made a call and toggled the mute button on and off just to be thorough. Now, the caller can hear me.” (Source 2)

3. Reset iPhone Network Settings:

   If the aforementioned solutions do not resolve the iPhone 15 call sound issue, consider resetting the iPhone to default settings. This can address software glitches. Navigate to SETTINGS > GENERAL > TRANSFER OR RESET iPHONE > RESET > RESET NETWORK SETTINGS.

If these steps do not yield positive results, consider leaving a comment to share your experience, as your feedback could be valuable for others facing similar issues.


For audio issues on the iPhone 15 Pro, like callers being unable to hear you, attempt troubleshooting steps like muting/unmuting calls, performing a hard reboot, and resetting network settings. Despite user reports, Apple hasn’t officially recognized the problem. If issues persist, share your experiences in the comments for potential solutions.

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