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Fix Honkai Star Rail PS5 Not Working

Players of Honkai Star Rail on the PS5 are currently facing challenges related to account connectivity, cross-saving, and linking. Some users are unable to access their PS5 accounts, which is particularly frustrating given their invested time and effort. Others encounter issues linking their accounts to PSN and cross-saving progress between different platforms.

For instance, a Reddit user found themselves with two separate Hoyoverse accounts, with Genshin on account A and Starrail on account B. Account A is connected to their PSN, while account B, the one used for Starrail, is not. The game consistently defaults to account A, preventing access to account B, even after creating a new profile.

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Honkai Star Rail PS5 Not Working – How To Fix It?

If you’re experiencing difficulties with Honkai Star Rail on your PS5, you can employ these troubleshooting methods to resolve the problems:

1. Evaluate Your Internet Connection:

Often, game issues stem from an inadequate or unstable internet connection. Ensure that your PS5 is connected to a reliable internet source with sufficient speed for online gaming. You can verify your internet speed using another device.

2. Keep Your PS5 and Game Updated:

It’s crucial to keep both your PS5 system software and the Honkai Star Rail game up to date. To update your PS5, Go to the PS5 Settings >>> Find System Software >>> Finally, update the System Software. For the game, access its tile on your PS5 home screen, press the Options button on your controller, select “Check for Update,” and adhere to the on-screen instructions.

3. Connect Your HoYoverse Account:

If you haven’t already linked your HoYoverse account to your PS5, this step is essential for playing Honkai Star Rail. Launch the game, choose “Already have an account, log in directly,” and input your HoYoverse account details, following the on-screen prompts to link your account.

4. Reestablish Account Links:

If you encounter difficulties logging in, consider unlinking and then relinking your account. Follow the in-game instructions to re-establish the link between your account and your PS5.

5. Account Connectivity Troubles:

  • Ensure you have the correct login credentials and make another login attempt.
  • Seek assistance from the game’s customer support to address account connectivity problems.

6. Account Linking and Cross-Saving Issues:

  • Confirm that your accounts are accurately linked and appropriately set up for cross-saving.
  • Reach out to customer support if you encounter complications with account linking or cross-saving.

7. Managing Multiple Accounts:

  • Try logging out of account A and logging in with account B to check if the issue is resolved.
  • Consult customer support for advice on managing multiple accounts effectively.

8. Storage Challenges:

   – Address PS5 storage concerns if Honkai Star Rail consumes excessive space.

9. Reinstall the Game:

In case the above solutions do not yield results, you may need to uninstall and then reinstall Honkai Star Rail on your PS5. To perform this, locate the game’s tile on your PS5 home screen, press the Options button on your controller, select “Delete,” and confirm the deletion. Following the uninstallation, access the PlayStation Store to download the game once more.

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To sum it up, addressing the prevalent problems in Honkai Star Rail on your PS5 through effective troubleshooting measures can restore a seamless gaming experience. Whether you’re tackling issues related to internet connectivity, ensuring software and game updates, or efficiently managing your HoYoverse accounts, these prescribed steps are designed to conquer the obstacles. By diligently adhering to these methods and upholding a dependable connection, you can swiftly return to the immersive world of Honkai Star Rail on your PS5, minimizing any interruptions.

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