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Fix Facebook Error “GraphQL Query Unauthorized”

In recent times, Facebook has faced a series of technical glitches and challenges, with one notable issue affecting certain users during their login attempts. A common and disruptive problem involves the appearance of an unauthorized query popup during the login process. Users who are trying to access their Facebook profiles are met with a pop-up message stating: “GraphQL query unauthorized. This query has been denied due to a failure in the permission check for a specific field.”

The occurrence of this error seems to be sporadic, and a significant number of Facebook users have shared their experiences with this particular problem. Moreover, this issue extends to Facebook Messenger, where users encounter the “GraphQL query unauthorized” error. This error not only obstructs access to Direct Messages (DMs) but also interferes with their ability to engage in chat conversations.

The “GraphQL query unauthorized” problem has been identified across a range of platforms, encompassing iPhones, Android phones, and web browsers like Chrome and Firefox, which are used on both Windows 10 and MacBook devices. While some cases of this issue involve Facebook Messenger, certain users have suggested that the presence of ad blockers on their PCs or mobile devices might be a contributing factor.

In reality, it is evident that a substantial number of users are grappling with the “GraphQL query unauthorized” error. Consequently, Facebook is actively engaged in resolving this issue. In the interim, users encountering this error can employ a temporary solution to access Messenger by navigating to the URL, pending an official resolution from Facebook.

Wrap Up!

Facebook is actively resolving the widespread “GraphQL query unauthorized” error affecting users on various platforms. This issue disrupts the login process and also impacts Facebook Messenger, causing issues with Direct Messages and chat conversations. Users have reported sporadic occurrences, and while ad blockers may play a role, Facebook is actively engaged in finding a solution. As a temporary measure, users can access Messenger through This situation underscores Facebook’s dedication to addressing technical challenges and glitches faced by its users.

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