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Unable To Login To DoorDash “Error Calling Geo Service” – How To Fix?

A significant number of iPhone and Android users have faced an issue when attempting to sign in to their DoorDash accounts. This problem, indicated by the error message “Error calling geo-service,” has been reported by numerous users. It’s worth noting that this problem can manifest during the login procedure and even after making an order on the DoorDash platform.

A Reddit user encountered an error within the DoorDash app after placing an order. When attempting to review their order, they were presented with a specific error message. Despite attempting to log out and back in, they persisted in facing the same issue.

Conversely, there have been instances where users faced difficulties when attempting to place an order. This was accompanied by an error message indicating that the “drop-off location doesn’t exist.” This problem seems to persist even when users attempt to specify different delivery addresses.

The problem referred to as the “error calling geo service” on DoorDash is believed to be associated with GPS system-related issues. Interestingly, users have reported that DoorDash’s customer support does not possess a definitive solution for this problem. As per a suggestion from a Reddit user, the sole advice they received was to consider reinstalling the DoorDash app and rebooting their device.

Fix DoorDash “Error Calling Geo Service”

If you happen to encounter the “error calling geo service” on DoorDash, it’s typically attributed to a server-related issue within DoorDash’s navigation services. This can lead to the improper retrieval of user GPS location data, resulting in disruptions to DoorDash services. To address and rectify this problem, the primary responsibility lies with DoorDash’s technical team. Therefore, it’s suggested to exercise patience and allow a few hours for DoorDash support to resolve the issue.

In terms of troubleshooting, you can attempt to resolve the problem by toggling off and then on your device’s location services. Additionally, consider performing a reboot of your device. If, despite these steps, the issue persists, it’s advisable to reach out to DoorDash’s customer support for further assistance.


To sum up, the “Error Calling Geo Service” problem on DoorDash has understandably vexed numerous iPhone and Android users. This issue, apparently stemming from server and GPS system glitches, is actively under the scrutiny of DoorDash’s technical team for resolution. It’s advisable for affected users to exercise patience as the matter is being addressed. If you find yourself grappling with this predicament, attempting to toggle your device’s location services and performing a reboot might help. However, should the problem persist, it’s wise to contact DoorDash’s customer support for further guidance.

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