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Why Is Facebook Showing Stories From Non-Friends?

Facebook has cemented itself as the go-to social media platform for connecting with friends, family, and loved ones. The Stories, one of its prominent features, has gained a lot of popularity for its short-lived nature, offering users to share their moments that disappear after 24 hours.

However, a recent and rather puzzling glitch has caused issues with the Stories experience. Many users have reported updates from non-friends on their timelines.

This unexpected turn of events has caused uncertainty and doubts about the platform’s functionality and driving users in search of explanations.

In this article, let’s explore the mysterious non-friends stories problem on Facebook and investigate what might be the root of this strange happening.

Facebook Users Discover Stories from Non-Friends

Recently, some Facebook users have expressed their confusion and annoyance at the appearance of Stories from people who are not on their friends list. This issue appears to be the result of a rare glitch rather than malicious intent, in contrast to the few occurrences of compromised profiles showing improper posts.

The Stories, which are normally limited to a user’s friends, have started to feature posts from total strangers. As a result, it sparks uncertainty and questions among users across the platform.

At the time this article is being written, Facebook has not commented on the issue, leaving users to wonder whether their profiles have been hacked or if there is a wider technical issue. It is important to keep in mind that the extent of this problem points to a larger fault affecting a big user base instead of random security incidents.

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Understanding How Facebook Posts from Strangers Appear

While the glitch may have confused many, it’s essential to differentiate between the general issue of Stories from strangers and the bug that caused posts from people who are not friends to appear in the feed. 

According to Facebook’s official blog, unrelated posts in your feed may have been influenced by the interactions of your friends with those postings. In a nutshell, your feed may feature a comment made by someone on your friends list if it is public.

Also, posts about the comments of your friends in public groups, of which you are not a member may also surface.

How to Take Control of My Facebook Feed?

There are a few things users may do to take back control of their feed and customize their experience. You can personalize the content you see by unfollowing a friend, hiding posts that don’t match your tastes, and updating your feed preferences.

However, these steps could not directly address your problem of non-friend Stories wandering onto your timeline.


Glitches are an unavoidable part of the technology landscape and users are eagerly waiting for an answer to the non-friend Stories mysteries. Yet it serves as a reminder that even one of the most popular platforms occasionally has malfunctions that throw off the normal flow of our online relationships.

For now, users must be patient and keep sharing their experiences as the Facebook technical team works tirelessly to solve this mystery. They should do this in the hopes that a solution will be found that will bring back smooth and pleasurable surfing.

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