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Fix Facebook Only Showing Old Posts

Many users of the Facebook platform are currently encountering an issue in which their news feed primarily displays older posts, hampering their ability to remain updated with the latest content and diminishing their overall scrolling experience. This problem appears to affect users across a variety of platforms. In this guide, we are going to discuss potential resolutions to rectify the issue of “Facebook Only Showing Old Posts.”

Why is Facebook Only Showing Old Posts?

Facebook has firmly established its supremacy in social media for over a decade. Many individuals have turned to this platform, not only to connect with their loved ones but also to stay well-informed about global developments. Nonetheless, a notable and recent concern has emerged, as Facebook users grapple with persistent issues related to post-delivery, sparking an earnest pursuit of solutions.

The core of the issue revolves around the timely dissemination of content. Users often find themselves inundated with dated photos, news, and a variety of posts, raising questions about whether their own contributions will ever reach the feeds of their friends and followers. This situation has given rise to a palpable feeling of uncertainty and doubt.

The ramifications of this challenge extend even further, impacting individuals who depend on Facebook for their livelihood, particularly influencers. If their posts and videos fail to amass the desired attention and views, they may find themselves compelled to make concessions in their revenue generation strategies. This issue transcends mere inconvenience; it poses a substantial obstacle, motivating users and content creators to actively seek effective remedies.

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Facebook Only Showing Old PostsHow to Fix It?

When encountering the problem of Facebook Only Showing Old Posts in your news feed, consider implementing these solutions:

1. Verify Internet Connection:

Inadequate internet connectivity is often the root cause of seeing old posts. Confirm your internet speed; if it’s sluggish, reach out to technical support, get closer to your router, or switch to mobile data. If using the Facebook browser, opt for a stable LAN connection.

2. Manage Post Filtering:

Repetitive content can emerge if you mark specific posts as “Not Interested” on Facebook. Exercise caution when interacting with posts to prevent this issue.

3. Platform Switch:

If the problem persists on your mobile app, attempt to access Facebook through a web browser or try using a different device to determine if the issue is confined to a particular platform.

4. Restart and Reinstall:

Logging out of your profile, clearing the Facebook app cache, and keeping your app updated can be beneficial. Uninstalling and then reinstalling the app from your app store can address minor glitches. It’s also worthwhile to restart your device.

5. Adjust Location:

Occasionally, the issue may be linked to your geographical location. If you’re using a browser, consider modifying your location settings. Implementing a VPN to change regions can also resolve location-specific problems on Facebook.

6. Clear Cache:

For users accessing Facebook via the mobile app or website, clearing the cache is a procedure that can enhance performance and alleviate display problems. You can typically find the cache-clearing option within the settings of your app or browser.

7. Engage with Facebook’s Technical Support:

If none of the mentioned above remedies prove efficacious, the underlying issue may be intricate and necessitate the expertise of Facebook’s technical support team. It is advisable to contact them to solicit further guidance in resolving the predicament.

These strategies are designed to tackle the problem of outdated Facebook posts in your news feed, ensuring that you receive the most current content and an improved overall user experience.


To sum up, the problem of Facebook presenting older posts in your news feed can be a source of frustration, hindering your ability to stay current and involved on the platform. By addressing fundamental issues like internet connectivity, post filtering, and platform preferences, and proactively taking actions such as cache clearance and seeking technical assistance as needed, users can restore a more contemporary and gratifying Facebook experience. It’s essential to bear in mind that remaining connected and well-informed is central to the appeal of this social media behemoth, and these solutions are geared towards precisely that objective.

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