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Why Duolingo App Icon Melting & How To Get Normal Icon

If you happen to be a user of the Duolingo application, you may have observed a recent alteration in the app’s icon. Instead of the typical cheerful green owl, you are now greeted by a distorted version of the icon. It is crucial to understand that this distorted Duolingo app icon is not an error; rather, it is a purposeful design choice implemented by the Duolingo development team.

To restore the conventional Duolingo icon, you can do so by ensuring your app is updated and then accessing the Streak Society dashboard. In the following section, we will elucidate the steps to transition back to the standard Duolingo icon.

Why Duolingo App Icon Melting?

The Duolingo application, celebrated for its gamified language learning and endearing mascot, Duo the Owl, recently introduced a distinct, liquefying app icon. This departure from the familiar green owl has prompted some users to question if it’s a technical glitch. However, it’s not an inadvertent error; Duolingo deliberately crafted the melting Duo icon as part of a time-limited Celebration Icon experiment.

This experiment serves as a token of recognition for dedicated and unwavering language learners. Those who meet specific criteria, such as maintaining long learning streaks or successfully completing lessons, can witness this liquefying icon. It is emblematic of learners’ industrious efforts and embodies Duolingo’s whimsical character.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to note that this experiment has a finite duration. Users have the choice to relish the melting Duo icon while it’s accessible or opt to revert to the traditional icon by updating their application. This transient alteration is intended to commemorate committed learners and their accomplishments.

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How To Get Back Normal Duolingo App Icon When It Is Melting?

To return your melting Duolingo app icon to its standard appearance, you have two alternatives:

1. App Update:

  • iOS and iPad Users: Head to the App Store and click on the Updates tab. If Duolingo is listed among apps requiring updates, tap the Update button next to it.
  • Android Users: Launch the Google Play Store, select the Menu button, and navigate to My apps & games. Locate Duolingo in the list of apps needing updates and press the Update button next to it.

2. Streak Society Dashboard:

  • The Streak Society dashboard, integrated within the Duolingo app, allows you to view and redeem rewards for your persistent language learning efforts.
  • Access it by launching the Duolingo app and visiting your profile page by tapping the profile icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  • On your profile page, locate your streak counter just below your username and level.
  • Tap the streak counter to unveil a pop-up window, which provides comprehensive information about your streak and Streak Society membership. You can also share your streak through this window.
  • Swipe through the pop-up window until you reach the Streak Society tab.
  • Within this tab, you’ll find the “Welcome to the Streak Society” message and an “Enter now” button >>> Tap the “Enter Now” button >>> Finally, you’ll get access to your Streak Society dashboard.
  • The dashboard showcases your unlocked rewards based on your streak’s duration, including the option to modify your app icon from the standard Duo to an alternative one.

By adhering to these steps, you can seamlessly revert to the regular Duolingo app icon and explore the rewards you’ve earned throughout your language-learning journey.


To sum it up, the transformation of the Duolingo app icon into a melting design is not an accident but a deliberate decision made within the framework of a temporary Celebration Icon experiment. It serves as a representation of the commitment displayed by language learners and the playful essence of Duolingo. Users who favor the conventional icon can conveniently revert to it by updating their app, but they also have the option to enjoy this unique feature for the duration of its availability. This initiative underscores Duolingo’s dedication to recognizing diligent learners and cultivating an enjoyable learning atmosphere, as demonstrated by this innovative icon alteration.

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