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How To Disable The New On-Screen Caps Lock Indicator in macOS Sonoma

The recently introduced Caps Lock indicator feature in Apple’s latest macOS iteration, Sonoma, has generated significant user dissatisfaction, particularly in the context of screen-sharing applications.

One prominent issue emerges when individuals employ the Remote Desktop Connection feature, where the macOS Caps Lock warning indicator conspicuously occupies the center of the Remote Desktop screen, causing substantial disruption.

Furthermore, this novel feature has posed challenges for users engaged in a variety of software applications, notably video editors. In these scenarios, the Caps Lock key assumes critical functionality, leading to the activation of the MacBook’s on-screen Caps Lock icon with every keystroke.

This recurrent display of the Caps Lock indicator proves to be considerably vexing and interruptive for users, particularly those immersed in tasks such as video editing or using software like AutoCAD. In the latter case, AutoCAD users frequently employ capital letters for annotations and prefer to deactivate the Caps Lock indicator to ensure an uninterrupted workflow.

“In the context of my video editing setup, the Caps Lock key serves an indispensable purpose in toggling specific audio on and off, and unfortunately, there are no viable alternatives for this essential functionality. Consequently, I find it necessary to keep the Caps Lock ON to monitor audio while actively engaged in my projects. My optimism lies in the possibility of a resolution to this predicament via an upcoming update for my screen-sharing software.”

Disable The New On-Screen Caps Lock Indicator in macOS Sonoma

Although a segment of users has expressed their satisfaction with the new feature, a substantial cohort has taken to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to articulate their concerns. Many among them are advocating for the introduction of an option that allows them to disable the recently introduced Caps Lock indicator within the macOS environment.

How to turn OFF the Screen Blue Indicator/ CAPS lock indicator in macOS Sonoma

Many MacBook users who have updated to macOS Sonoma are currently searching for a way to disable the prominent blue Caps Lock indicator. Now, there doesn’t seem to be a native option to turn off this feature within macOS Sonoma, and Apple has not provided any settings to allow users to do so.

While the Caps Lock indicator is undoubtedly helpful in everyday situations, it has become a source of frustration for users involved in tasks like video editing or using specialized software. It appears that Apple should have considered including a toggle for this feature to address these user concerns.

If you believe that this feature should be made optional and you wish to see it incorporated into the next macOS release, it is recommended to provide feedback directly to Apple.

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In summary, the Caps Lock indicator in macOS Sonoma has evoked varied responses, with some users satisfied and others encountering challenges in specialized tasks like video editing. Regrettably, there is currently no built-in option to deactivate this feature. Users facing issues are advised to provide feedback to Apple, urging the inclusion of a toggle in future macOS updates to cater to diverse user preferences. Keep an eye out for potential solutions in forthcoming software releases.

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