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How To Turn OFF or Disable “Change Wallpaper from Lock Screen” on iPhone

The introduction of a lock screen customization feature on models like iPhone 14 and 13 has left many iPhone users feeling frustrated. This feature allows users to change wallpapers directly from the lock screen, but it’s prone to accidental triggering when touching and holding the lock screen. (Sources: Apple & Reddit)

Numerous users have voiced their desire for an option to deactivate the “touch + hold Lock Screen” wallpaper change feature within settings. They report frequent instances of their iPhones unintentionally entering the customized Lock Screen mode due to prolonged screen touches, leading to considerable frustration. Users are explicitly calling for the ability to disable this feature in settings to prevent it from activating whenever the lock screen is touched for more than a brief moment, especially on iPhone 15 and iOS 17. (Source)

Why does the iPhone Keep Showing “Change Wallpaper From Lock Screen”?

Apple intentionally designed the “Change Wallpaper From Lock Screen” feature on the iPhone, and it’s not a software bug. This service, introduced in iOS 16 and continued in iOS 17, allows users to tailor wallpapers directly from the lock screen. Despite numerous user requests for an option to disable this feature, Apple has not provided such a setting. Many users consider it inconvenient and would appreciate the ability to toggle it off. However, as of now, there is no native option to deactivate the long press gesture for wallpaper customization on the Lock Screen, leading to frustration among certain iPhone users.

Fix Disable change Wallpaper from Lock Screen: iPhone 14,13,12 Pro Max /iOS 17

Disabling the “Change Wallpaper from Lock Screen” functionality on iPhones like the iPhone 14, 13, and 12 Pro Max running iOS 17 cannot be achieved through standard settings since it’s an intentional design by Apple. Nevertheless, there are several methods to mitigate inadvertent activations:

1. Deactivate Raise to Wake: The Raise to Wake feature activates the iPhone screen upon picking it up, potentially resulting in unintended lock screen actions. To prevent this, navigate to iPhone Settings > Display & Brightness and disable Raise to Wake. (Know More)

2. Disable Face ID: Face ID, when enabled, can trigger lock screen wallpaper customization when the iPhone is glanced at. To circumvent this, turn off Face ID for unlocking by visiting Settings > Face ID & Passcode > iPhone Unlock and toggling it off.

3. Maintain a Single Wallpaper: Restricting your lock screen to a single wallpaper eliminates the complex edit option, effectively preventing wallpaper changes.

These strategies can help minimize the likelihood of accidental activation of lock screen customization, despite the absence of a direct setting to disable it.

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In summary, Apple intentionally designed the “Change Wallpaper from Lock Screen” feature on iPhones, but it has led to user frustration due to accidental activations. While Apple hasn’t offered a direct setting to disable it, users can implement workarounds like turning off “Raise to Wake,” disabling Face ID for unlocking, or keeping a single lock screen wallpaper to minimize unintended customization. However, there remains a strong desire among users for a built-in setting to easily turn off this feature in the settings, enhancing the overall user experience on iPhones.

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