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Destiny 2 Dark Age Armor – Explained!

Discussions within the gaming community and forums are ablaze with enthusiasm surrounding the mysterious Dark Age armor in Destiny 2. This captivating addition has captivated the interest of players eager to explore the realm of Gambit weapons and enhance the aesthetics of their characters.

In the appearance customization menu, players can catch a glimpse of the elusive Dark Age armor. Despite its visibility, a prevalent issue persists – players encounter difficulty equipping or utilizing this recently introduced armor set. The enigma enveloping the Destiny 2 Dark Age armor has piqued the curiosity of the player base, fueling their desire to unravel more details and potentially unlock the capabilities of this enigmatic gear.

What Is Dark Age In Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2, the Dark Age refers to the period spanning from the Collapse incident to the foundation of the Last City. This epoch carries substantial historical weight, signifying the revival of human civilization and the dawn of the City Age.

During the Dark Age, numerous kings faced defeat in various battles, paving the way for the triumphant resurgence of the Guardians from the Golden Age. This era is defined by a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, featuring an unsettling landscape reminiscent of a wasteland, embellished with the eerie presence of supernatural ships drifting through the surroundings.

What Is Dark Age Armor In Destiny 2?

The Dark Age armor is a player character body armor set inspired by the Dark Age period theme. Despite being accessible, players are currently unable to equip or use this armor in the game. Community discussions have hinted at a potential association with a new dungeon armor, although details remain speculative.

A new Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon is scheduled for release on Friday, December 1, 2023, but there is no official confirmation about the inclusion of the Dark Age armor in this upcoming dungeon. A player has reported encountering the Dark Age armor to Bungie support, treating it as a bug. This issue seems to go beyond the armor, as players have voiced concerns about observing other locked cosmetic options.

In response to these reports, the Bungie support team has advised players to report the matter to the development team. Notably, players can preview the Dark Age armor set tailored to their specific classes, heightening the anticipation surrounding its eventual availability in the game.

What Is Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon?

The Warlord’s Ruin dungeon is a recent addition to Destiny 2, part of the Season of the Wish. Within this dungeon, the narrative and legacy of Warlord Ruin unfold, revealing that during the Dark Age, he had a shard of the Traveler integrated into his sword, Raze-Lighter.

Located in the ancient ruins of a Warlord’s fortress, players must engage in battles against adversaries to confront the ultimate boss. Warlord’s Ruin is intricately connected to Lord Shaxx, a distinguished Warlord and Crucible handler in the extensive history of Destiny.

Presenting a formidable challenge, the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon is crafted to assess even the most seasoned Destiny 2 players, offering valuable rewards for those willing to undertake this challenging quest.


Destiny 2’s intriguing Dark Age armor stirs excitement, prompting discussions and speculation among players. Anchored in the historical Dark Age context, this enigmatic equipment suggests potential connections to an upcoming dungeon. Simultaneously, the newly introduced Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon delves into the legacy of Warlord Ruin, providing seasoned players with a challenging yet rewarding experience. While Destiny 2 enthusiasts eagerly anticipate updates, the appeal of the Dark Age armor and the game’s mysteries remains captivating for the gaming community.

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