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Dark Ether Tincture In Destiny 2

The Dark Ether Tincture stands as a significant consumable within the expansive realm of Destiny 2. Players have the opportunity to acquire this item as they navigate through the challenges presented in the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon. This intriguing dungeon is replete with quests, challenges, and various activities, making the collection and farming of Dark Ether Tinctures an engaging pursuit.

This elixir plays a pivotal role in unlocking the steps necessary to delve deeper into the mysteries of the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon. As players progress through the activities within this dungeon, the Dark Ether Tincture emerges as a key component, adding a layer of excitement to the overall gaming experience. This article aims to provide a comprehensive exploration of the Dark Ether Tincture and offer insights into the intricacies of its acquisition and farming process.

What Is Dark Ether Tincture?

Dark Ether Tincture is a pivotal elixir in Destiny 2, serving a crucial role within the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon. Its primary function lies in unlocking concealed areas, enhancing the overall gaming experience. Moreover, the Dark Ether Tincture plays a vital role in advancing through specific quests and challenges, adding depth to the gameplay.

One notable application is its contribution to the acquisition of Ahamkara Bones, a significant activity within the dungeon. A Reddit user detailed their challenge, disclosing that the seventh step requires the collection of 100 tinctures. This emphasizes the active involvement required in the collection and farming of Dark Ether Tincture, underscoring its substantial impact on the dynamics of gameplay.

Where To Find The Dark Ether Tincture?

Discussion surrounding the location of Dark Ether Tinctures has ignited debates on Reddit, especially following the recent launch of the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon, which introduces numerous uncharted areas. These consumable items appear sporadically, affording players the opportunity to amass larger quantities gradually. Notably, three confirmed locations are known for the Dark Ether Tincture Screeb:

1. Rope Bridge: Found at the rope bridge immediately after spawning and opening the initial mimic chest.

2. Maze Area: Situated in the maze area following the leap past the initial boss.

3. On the Mountain: Positioned on the mountainside after the second boss encounter.

Moreover, some players have mentioned a fourth area—the Big Blight room with perilous spinning rocks. In each of these locations, sets of Dark Ether Tinctures can be located, with varying quantities available on each occasion.

The challenge revolves around discerning the most effective method to acquire these Dark Ether Tinctures, a query that has captivated the interest of numerous players delving into the mysteries of the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon.

Here’s a stepwise guide on obtaining Dark Ether Tinctures by dealing with the Screebs:

1. Encounter: The Dark Ether Tincture Screeb manifests in the specified locations mentioned earlier.

2. Engagement: To successfully acquire the Tinctures, actively engage and inflict damage on the Screebs. This proactive involvement is essential for obtaining the desired consumables.

3. Prompt Action: It’s crucial not to delay, as the Screebs will attempt to escape if time is wasted. Taking swift action is vital to securing the Dark Ether Tinctures.

4. Designated Spawn Points: The Screebs follow fixed spawn points and don’t appear randomly; they are confined to the specific locations mentioned earlier. Becoming acquainted with these spots is imperative for an effective collection process.

These outlined procedures offer valuable insights into the efficient acquisition of Dark Ether Tinctures through interactions with the Screebs.

How To Farm Dark Ether Tincture?

Mastering the technique of farming Dark Ether Tinctures is crucial for success in the dungeon, and the accumulation of these items serves various essential purposes. To optimize your farming efficiency, consider the following tips and procedures:

1. Sequential Elimination: Start by eliminating the Screebs in a specific order, akin to the approach for Ahamkara bones. Adhering to the designated sequence is critical for achieving optimal results.

2. Tincture Collection: Upon defeating the first Screeb, collect the corresponding Dark Ether Tincture. Repeat this process for the second Screeb to obtain another set of Dark Ether Tinctures.

3. Final Boss Checkpoint: Employ a Final Boss checkpoint, eliminate the boss, and reset the spawn order of the Screebs. This step is essential for enabling subsequent engagements in the farming process.

4. Time Efficiency: The entire loop can be successfully executed in approximately 35 minutes, ensuring a streamlined and efficient farming cycle.

It’s important to note that these valuable tips and procedures were generously shared by a Reddit user with the aim of assisting fellow players. Platforms such as Reddit provide a valuable forum for addressing any confusion or challenges encountered during gameplay.


To summarize, Dark Ether Tinctures are crucial in Destiny 2’s Warlord’s Ruin dungeon, aiding quest advancement and revealing concealed areas. The acquisition and farming of these elixirs enhance gameplay depth, with strategic methods and community-shared insights boosting efficiency. Navigating the captivating dungeon involves mastering the process of obtaining and utilizing Dark Ether Tinctures, shaping the overall gaming experience dynamically.

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