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Change The Aura Color In Xenoverse 2 – How To Guide!

In the world of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, introducing a personal touch by altering your character’s aura color is a captivating endeavor. The avenue to achieving this goal hinges on active participation in the Festival of Universes event. This feature provides players with the golden opportunity to unlock and subsequently tweak their character’s aura color.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is notably renowned for its remarkable roster of characters drawn from the iconic Dragon Ball series. Each of these characters boasts a distinctive and formidable aura. The allure of infusing your character with a unique aura color to stand out in the crowd is undeniable.

The process is refreshingly uncomplicated. To embark on the journey of modifying your character’s aura color, immerse yourself in the Festival of Universes event. This particular event harbors the solution to the enigma of how to diversify your character’s aura shades. Through your active involvement and progression within the event, you will gain access to the coveted selection of aura colors. This empowers you to meticulously tailor your character’s visual identity according to your preferences.

In a nutshell, Xenoverse 2 beckons you to metamorphose your character’s aura color by immersing yourself in the dynamic world of the Festival of Universes event. This unique opportunity enhances your Dragon Ball gaming experience by infusing it with an exclusive and visually arresting element.

What Is Change The Aura Color Xenoverse 2 – An Overview!

A comprehensive grasp of auras in Xenoverse 2 proves indispensable for players aiming to effectively utilize the various aura options. These auras act as dynamic energy fields encircling custom characters, signifying their unique evolutions and power boosts.

Within the game, auras assume a central role in enabling players to augment their character’s abilities and escalate their powers to unprecedented heights. The pivotal factor lies in obtaining specific auras.

An intriguing addition to Xenoverse 2 is the introduction of the Festival of Universe event. This event introduces a captivating opportunity for players to unlock an assortment of distinct auras, each possessing its own unique attributes. Notable examples include the Super Saiyan Blue aura, diverse Super Saiyan series auras, the formidable Villainous Mode aura, and the empowering Potential Unleashed aura, among others.

The process of unlocking these auras stands as a fundamental stride toward advancing a custom character to a more advanced stage, intensifying the exhilaration of the gaming experience. Engaging in battles, players are treated to the sight of their character radiating a vibrant and captivating aura, further enriching the excitement woven into the game.

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How To Get A Desired Aura In Xenoverse 2?

Unlocking auras in Xenoverse 2 involves these steps:

1. Begin by selecting your desired aura.

2. Engage in the Festival of Universes event.

3. Opt for one of the three universe teams: Universe 6, 7, or 11.

4. Accumulate Glory points by participating in game modes like parallel quests, cross-versus, and raid quests.

5. Gather more Glory points to facilitate aura unlocks.

6. Connect with the Universal Lobby reception character to join your chosen Universal team and gain access to the Festival of Universes.

7. Keep an eye on the changing weekly rewards for auras.

8. Effective teamwork is vital for achieving a higher rank and obtaining valuable rewards.

Following these steps empowers players to unlock and personalize their character’s aura in Xenoverse 2, amplifying their gaming experience.

How To Change Change The Aura Color Xenoverse 2

To alter your aura color in Xenoverse 2:

1. Obtain the desired aura from the Festival of Universes event.

2. Visit the game’s social hub in Canton City.

3. Navigate to the “option” menu and choose “Lobby item settings.”

4. Peruse the list of unlocked auras from the event.

5. Select your preferred aura.

6. Your custom character will now showcase the chosen aura effect.

Additionally, you can enhance character customization by matching hairstyles or wigs that complement your selected aura. For instance, you can pair a Super Saiyan Blue aura with a suitable hairstyle for an authentic Super Saiyan Blue transformation.


In summary, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 provides an engaging opportunity for players to personalize their gaming experience by altering their character’s aura color. The Festival of Universes event acts as the portal to unlock and customize these alluring aura choices. Auras, symbolizing character growth and power enhancements, holds a pivotal role within the game. 

By actively participating and collaborating effectively, players can gain access to and tailor their preferred auras, infusing their characters with unique visual elements. This dynamic feature, in conjunction with the array of aura options available, enhances the Xenoverse 2 experience, ensuring fans remain immersed in the captivating universe of Dragon Ball.

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