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How to Address OnePlus/ Android Error: Unable to Use Camera: “Camera does not support split-screen” 

Many individuals who possess OnePlus and Android devices have come across a recurring issue when trying to operate their camera application. An enduring error notification, bearing the message “Camera does not support split screen,” obstructs the camera’s operation. Curiously, this problem appears to manifest after using the split-screen functionality on their Android device, even when the phone is not actively in a split-screen mode. Consequently, the camera ceases to be responsive, leaving users feeling discontent and in pursuit of a remedy for this perplexing situation.

When trying to initiate the camera app on an Android device, whether it’s a OnePlus, Pixel, or a similar model, users consistently confront a popup message that reads, “Camera does not support split screen.” This ongoing message not only inhibits the camera’s takeoff but also impacts third-party camera applications. This problem has escalated user frustration as the camera remains inoperative despite their attempts. Evidently, this issue signifies a bug inherent to the Android system, and it necessitates prompt developer intervention for a resolution.

To resolve the “Camera does not support split-screen” problem on your device, follow these recommended steps:

1. Initiate the process by clearing the cache from the recovery mode.

2. Proceed to forcefully stop the camera application.

3. Next, clear both the cache and data associated with the camera app.

Following these instructions should assist in reinstating the normal functionality of your camera. In the rare event that the issue persists despite these troubleshooting efforts, consider performing a reboot of your device. Once the phone has successfully restarted, you can open the camera application, which should now operate as intended.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, addressing the “Camera does not support split-screen” error on OnePlus and Android devices involves a straightforward process. This includes clearing the cache and managing the camera app. Despite causing user frustration, following these recommended troubleshooting steps can typically bring back the camera’s normal functionality. If the problem persists, a device reboot usually serves as the ultimate solution, enabling users to access their camera without any further interruptions.

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