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How To Blur A Picture On Instagram? 2023

Instagram is rolling out a new effect that lets you blur a picture on Instagram stories. In this guide, we’ll cover how to blur a picture on Instagram.

Instagram has many astonishing features like vanish mode, activity status, and more. They are regularly trying to improve the platform to meet up everyone’s needs.

Blurring a picture on Instagram is one of those features that has become popular in recent times.

So, how do you blur a picture on Instagram?

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But first, you need to know the meaning of The Tilt Switch on Instagram.

What Is The Tilt Switch On Instagram?

Instagram is known for its filter and effect that helps you add quality to your pictures before sharing them on your feed.

Adjusting image size to set the desired brightness of the picture you can do everything on Instagram to improve your picture. Setting contrast, saturation, shadows, and various effects also.

Talking about blurring a picture on Instagram, there are two ways to blur a picture on Instagram, either using a “Linear Blur” or a “radial blur”.

Let’s understand how these two options work:

“Radial” Option

Using the “Radial” option you can blur the corners of your image to focus on a circular central part of the image.

For example, if you use a “Radial” effect on a picture of your dog, you only have the option to blur the rest of the body and background and focus on its face.

“Linear” Option

On the contrary, using the “Linear” option, lets you blur everything else, it just focuses on the linear part of the body.

For example, if you wish to focus on a paragraph in a book excerpt, you just blur the rest of the section and leave the paragraph of interest in focus.

How to Use Blur Effect On Instagram

Follow the steps to blur a picture on Instagram:

Step 1: Launch the Instagram app on your device.

Step 2: Tap on the + icon at the top to create a new post.

Step 3: Choose Post at the bottom

Step 4: Select the image from your gallery or capture a new one you wish to apply a blur effect.

Step 5:  Hit Next in the top right corner.

Step 6: Tap on the Edit button at the bottom.

Step 7: Go to the Tilt Shift option.

Step 8: Choose one of the two options, Radial or Linear.

Step 9: Use your two fingers to mark the boundaries of the blurring effect.

Step 10: Tap on Done.

Step 11: Go to Next.

Step 12: Write your caption.

Step 13: Share your Picture.

Congrats! Now, your blurred photo will appear on your Instagram feed.


Tilt Shift fitter on Instagram is an easy way to blur things on Instagram.

To blur a picture on Instagram, open the Instagram app >> create a new post >> tap on edit >> tap on the Tilt Shift >> select either Radial or Linear >> use your fingers to mark the boundaries of the blurring effects >> go to next >> write your desired caption >> share your picture with your friends.

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