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13 Best and Free Story Telling AI in 2023

In the fast-paced world of artificial intelligence, the development of storytelling AI has taken center stage, captivating both writers and readers alike. These robust systems have transformed the way we create and experience narratives, blending human creativity with machine intelligence. As we delve into 2023, let us explore the 13 best and free storytelling AI platforms that have redefined the art of storytelling.

As of 2023, the best and most noteworthy free storytelling AI are undoubtedly “Film Flow,” “Fantoons,” “StoryBird,” “My Story Elf,” “StoryBooks,” “SmartDreams,” “Meyer,” “AI Story,” “Pirr,” “Author of Poems,” “Nolan AI,” “What on Earth?,” and “Artflow ai,” are revolutionary platforms that have transformed how we tell and experience tales.

1. Film Flow:

Key Features and Uses of “Film Flow”

  • It is designed to provide a visual representation of the emotional dynamics of movies by allowing users to analyze the insights of the overall themes
  • Provides curated movie list of popular movies
  • Secure privacy and enhances the film analysis
  • Mainly for film enthusiasts, film researchers, filmmakers, screenwriters, and movie critics

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2. Fantoons:

Key Features and Uses of “Fantoons”

  • It is designed to create user’s comic panels with a unique blend of creativity and technology
  • Available in App form as Jelly for Fandoms with a user-friendly interface, where a user can also explore the existing comic stories by generating their custom characters
  • According to Fantoons terms and policies, it secures user privacy

3. StoryBird:

Key Features and Uses of “StoryBird”

  • It is designed to create personalized stories for kids by featuring the child in the generated story which is narrated by the host of “Maked Up Stories”
  • On this platform, users can find out pre-existing stories libraries with personalize options 
  • It enables users to engage with its interactive chatbot conversation feature
  • It predominantly allows parents, educators, and authors to explore and immerse in its enjoyable innovative tool

4. My Story Elf:

Key Features and Uses of “My Story Elf”

  • It is designed to help children create personalized stories by featuring their friends, family, and the places they like
  • Generates instant reports with visually appealing illustrations
  • Provides a safe and child-friendly environment plus helps children by enhancing their language skills and creativity
  • This AI is full of educational settings and family bonding activities that help children explore the world of imagination and feel the joy of storytelling

5. StoryBooks:

Key Features and Uses of “StoyBooks”

  • This platform creates children’s stories and helps to inspire imagination and the values of education by creating instantly memorable tales
  • Gives reader story recommendations as per their interest and inspiration
  • Provides unique illustrations and multilingual support in its educational and moral lessons
  • By using it, you can easily share and save your generated creations for your friends and family

6. SmartDreams:

Key Features and Uses of “SmartDreams”

  • It is designed to provide children with personalized and interactive stories plus encourage them to read, stimulate imagination, and nurture the love for storytelling
  • It is available in the App form and with its interactive elements the user can easily access the resources
  • It allows you to share your stories via other social media platforms
  • Its positive encouragement for reading and storytelling helps children to entertain and educate themselves simultaneously
  • It also manages to teach your child some moral values and life lessons
  • Parents and Educators can use this App for their curriculums or activities and the development of their child

7. Meyer:

Key Features and Uses of “Meyer”

  • It is designed to fulfill the need for visual and engaging storyboards
  • Powered with the loaded features of different tools like Coqui Studio, GPT, and Stability AI
  • Provides multiple features, including easy content creation and storytelling
  • Helps to create captivating marketing storyboards and also used to promote products or services

8. AI Story:

Key Features and Uses of “AI Story”

  • It is a wonderful AI-powered tool to create unique and engaging short stories
  • Provides unique story ideas and is an endless inspiration for the user
  • Some of its main features include customizable options and storytelling experimentations
  • Especially used for educational purposes, entertainment, and inspiration

9. Pirr:

Key Features and Uses of “Pirr”

  • Provides unique and exciting short stories in the erotic genre
  • Gives user features like a feedback form, support system, and cookies system, while using the website
  • People who are interested in other’s fantasies can explore through its erotics storytelling availability

10. Author of Poems:

Key Features and Uses of “Author of Poems”

  • It allows you to generate expressive images of the poems
  • Helps you to generate unique poems after entering the desired topic for your poem
  • Users can select the length of the poem and make the AI convey a specific message through the poem
  • Users can explore different styles and moods of the poetic world

11. NolanAI:

Key Features and Uses of “NolanAI”

  • It is a script-writing software with the capability to craft compelling movie scripts
  • No matter where you are using this app, it works easily even without an internet connection
  • It helps the user to describe screenplay settings by tracking every edit with ease plus its screenplay’s dialogue generations help writers to spend less time and effort

12. What on Earth?:

Key Features and Uses of “What on Earth?”

  • An AI-powered tool to generate a unique and effective story by using a one-word prompt
  • It also provides free newsletters by registering on the platform
  • User can also put their own suggestions and ideas in the suggestion box while registering on it

13. Artflow ai:

Key Features and Uses of “Artflow ai”

  • Using this platform users can create custom avatars and bring their stories to life with the help of AI writers and storytellers
  • It allows users to create stories in all formats such as videos, images, and audio
  • Its asset library helps users generate assets for their projects and connect with different online communities like Discord Community, Tutorials, and FAQs


The year 2023 marks a significant milestone in the realm of storytelling AI, with a myriad of platforms transforming the way we craft and enjoy narratives. These top 10 best and free storytelling AI systems, from Film Flow to Artflow ai, have redefined storytelling, blending human creativity with the ingenuity of AI. As we embrace these groundbreaking technologies, we unlock a world of limitless imagination and inspiration, making storytelling an even more captivating and inclusive experience for all.

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