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How to Fix Baldur Gate 3 (BG3) Texture Not Loading/Poor Graphics on PS5

Are you finding Baldur Gate 3 on your PS5 to have annoying texture problems and subpar graphics? It’s not just you. We will examine the causes of these texture issues in this article and provide you with practical fixes to improve your gaming experience. Whether it’s graphic driver problems, an unstable internet connection, or HDR mode misconfigurations, we’ve got you covered with practical tips to address these issues and get the most out of your Baldur Gate 3 adventure.

Reasons Why Texture Does Not Load Normally in Baldur Gate 3 on PS5 and How to Fix It?

1. One of the major reasons for the Baldur Gate 3 game having a poor color contrast issue in its game scene while playing the game on PS5, is because of its graphic driver, which either got overloaded or does not work properly because you have some technical issues while playing the game.

2. Sometimes the characters, buildings and some life of Baldur’s Gate 3 don’t load because of the unstable internet connection. Ensure that your internet connection either Wi/Fi or Mobile Data is stable.

3. Maybe you are facing the issue because you didn’t apply HDR mode correctly. Try switching OFF & ON the HDR mode of Baldur Gate 3. You can adjust your HDR setting by selecting the video output option which is present in the Baldur Gate 3 game setting’s screen & video section. After toggling the HDR mode, try rebooting the game.

4. Until the BG3 technical team tries to find and fix the Texture Not Loading/Poor Graphics on the PS5 issue you can adjust HDR at 3/3 (Black Point) which increases its texture by 1 and do it without turning OFF the HDR mode.

5. If any of the above fixes don’t work to resolve the BG3 texture issue then first you need to OFF the HDR and Deep Color options and finally turn those options ON after rebooting the game. Also, try to turn OFF the HDR on PlayStation and open the game in SDR. You can try turning “Slow HDD Mode” ON and “Dynamic Crowds” OFF, and this now appears to work just well.

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In conclusion, it is entirely doable to overcome Baldur Gate 3’s frustrating texture difficulties and poor graphics on your PS5 using the appropriate remedies. We’ve given you a whole arsenal to improve your gaming experience, whether it’s tweaking your graphic drivers, making sure your internet connection is steady, or understanding the subtleties of HDR mode. As you embark on your Baldur Gate 3 adventure, armed with these practical tips, you can now savor the immersive world of the game without being hindered by troublesome texture problems.

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