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Free Adblockers That Still Work On YouTube

The functionality of formerly free ad blockers on YouTube has become a subject of widespread conversation due to the platform’s ongoing alterations. YouTube’s recent revisions to its terms of service have significantly impacted the effectiveness of numerous ad blockers, causing frustration among users.

Within online communities, users have openly voiced their apprehensions and discontent regarding this predicament. The ad blockers that once reliably eliminated ads on YouTube have now encountered issues. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that a glimmer of hope remains. Despite the hurdles posed by YouTube’s transformations, there are still ad blockers that maintain their efficacy in ad-blocking on the platform.

For those eager to discover which ad blockers can still proficiently ward off ads on YouTube, this article will provide valuable insights into the programs that continue to serve this purpose effectively.

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List Of Free YouTube AdBlockers That Still Work On!

In the ever-evolving realm of YouTube ad-blocking, several programs remain effective at thwarting unwanted ads. Below, we present a collection of ad-blocking solutions that continue to perform well in 2023:

1. Ad Block For Chrome:

  • This Chrome extension lives up to its name, effectively putting a halt to ads across various websites, including YouTube and Facebook.
  • It automatically handles popups, autoplay ads, and other annoyances.
  • Users can exert manual control over ad permissions on specific sites and fine-tune the number of blocked ads using a slider.
  • The extension provides real-time updates on blocked ads and boasts an impressive 220,000 five-star reviews, cementing its status as the highest-rated ad-blocker on the Chrome web store.

2. Ad Guard:

  • Ad Guard is an ad-blocker that is known for its versatility. It is available as both an extension and a downloadable app for various devices like iOS, Android, and PC.
  • Ad Guard proficiently thwarts various ad types, including YouTube ads, with a single click.
  • It also excels in eliminating web annoyances, conserving data, accelerating page loading, and upholding site functionality.
  • The app utilizes background filtering and cosmetic processing to deliver an ad-free web experience.
  • The paid version offers enhanced privacy protection and uninterrupted ad-free web browsing.

3. Ublock Origin:

  • Ublock Origin is a freely available, open-source ad-blocker, obtainable directly from GitHub.
  • Compatible with all browsers, it’s renowned for its minimal resource consumption.
  • With a user base exceeding 10 million, it’s celebrated for its cross-platform adaptability.
  • Ublock Origin not only banishes ads but also bolsters online security, shielding users from phishing and malicious activities.
  • While some users occasionally encounter challenges in blocking YouTube ads, solutions are readily accessible.

4. Brave Browser:

  • A distinctive approach to ad-blocking involves adopting the Brave Browser, acclaimed for its ad-thwarting capabilities.
  • With over 50 million downloads and an abundance of positive reviews, it enjoys substantial popularity.
  • The Brave Browser defaults to blocking trackers, ads, and cookies, thereby enhancing browsing speed.
  • Prioritizing user privacy introduces an inventive approach to online advertising and content monetization.
  • The browser keeps users informed about the number of blocked ads while they browse.


To sum up, despite YouTube’s evolving policies that have posed challenges to numerous ad blockers, effective solutions persist for those seeking relief from unwanted ads. Ad Block For Chrome, Ad Guard, Ublock Origin, and the Brave Browser stand out as free tools that maintain their ability to shield users from intrusive advertisements on YouTube and other websites. Amidst the concerns voiced by online communities, these ad blockers serve as a beacon of hope for those in search of an ad-free browsing experience in 2023.

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